USB flash drive is a portable storage device, as people can save lots of data on a small device, many people like to save data on the USB flash drive temporarily, for example, they want to bring their un-finished work to home to finish, and bring back to their work place, USB is a good medium to transfer from one computer to another.

Like all other storage device, data loss is a problem that can hardly be avoided. Even the most careful people may lose files from USB drive due to various reasons, for example, the USB drive corrupts, or crashes when transferring data, or the files are deleted by accident, etc.. So, it is quite common to lose files from USB flash drive. But how to recover deleted files from USB drive ? This article will show you the solution.

In fact, the lost data can be recovered as long as they are not overwritten by new data. After all, the deleted files, though are inaccessible to general users, they are still there, and the space they occupy is labeled as free to use. So, the deleted files are easy to be overwritten be new data. Therefore, once you realize important data are gone from your USB flash drive, stop adding new files to it and find a data recovery tool to recover deleted files as soon as possible.

In order to recover deleted files from USB flash drive, this Data Recovery (Mac and Windows versions are available ) is recommended. With the help of this tool, you can recover almost everything from the USB drive including videos, photos, documents (Word, Excel, PPT, etc. ), TXT, and more. Four recoverable modes are provided to recover lost files. Now, follow the steps below to see how.

How to Restore Lost Files from USB Flash Drive

Step 1. Download and install the Data Recovery

Firstly, download and install the data recovery to your computer. Connect your USB drive to your computer, and run the software, and select a recovery mode (Lost Data Recovery mode is recommended for it is fast and can recover almost all lost data) to let it detect your USB drive.

Step 2. Scan your USB drive

Next, select your USB drive to scan for the lost files. This process may take a while if there are many files on your device.

Step 3. Preview and recover files

After the scan, all recoverable files will be listed on the left side of the panel, go to the folders to check the files there, preview them and select the ones you need to recover.

Note: Do not save the recovered files to your USB drive for safety’s sake.