Q1: I deleted a video on my iPhone, can I get it back to my iPhone 4?

Q2: Days ago, I accidentally deleted some precious videos on my iPad mini, I was wondering if there is any way to undelete iPhone video because they are about a wedding of my friends. They are so memorable and I am willing to pay for some tool to undelete videos on iPhone.


Did you ever meet such problem? I guess so. Though we can backup videos to iTunes, sometimes we may delete videos before we backup them. So, what if we did not backup the videos but want to recover them? Can you recover deleted videos on iPhone? Here is a solution.


iPhone Data Recovery is a practical iPhone Video Recovery that can easily recover lost videos from iPhone 4 and 3GS directly. If you did not backup the video, you can use this tool to undelete iPhone video with some simple steps. Here is how.

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Guide to Undelete Videos on iPhone without Backup


iPhone Video Recovery can directly scan iPhone 4 and 3GS, now, download and install the proper version to your computer, follow the steps below to restore the deleted videos on iPhone.


Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the software

Firstly, connect your device to your computer after you run the software, and wait the iPhone video recovery to detect your device. This process takes only several seconds. You will see the interface below.


Step 2. Enter scanning mode

When your device is connected to the software, you will be asked to enter the scanning mode following three steps.


  • 1. Hold your iPhone and click the “Start” button.
  • 2. Hold the “Power” and “Home” buttons on your iPhone altogether for exactly 10 seconds. The Software will count time for you.
  • 3. When 10 seconds have gone, release the “Power” button right away, but do not loose holding the “Home” button. After another 15 seconds, you’ll get the news that you have successfully entered the system and you can release the “Home” button now.


After you enter the scanning mode, the software will scan your device automatically.


Step 3. Undele the lost videos

After the scanning is over, all the files found on your iPhone will be organized in the left panel. Now, you can go to the video folder to find the video. And then hit Recover button to save the videos to your computer.



Note: This iPhone video recovery cannot recover videos from iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C directly, if you are using one of this iPhone mode, you can only restore videos from iTunes backup. For details, see: how to recover deleted videos from iPhone 5/4S/

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How to Undelete iPhone Video