Summary: Lost important files on Windows 10 PC? Do not worry now, you are able to undelete files windows 10 with no hassle if you get a Windows Deleted File Recovery.

“Hi, accidentally, my computer was crashed, and when I re-start it, I find all files are gone, and cannot find them, anywhere. Is it possible to undelete files Windows 10? My computer updated days ago from Window 7 to 10. Your help is important to me. Thanks.”

As more and more people update their computers to Windows 10, such problems happen quite frequently now. But it is not a big problem now for deleted files can be recovered with Windows 10 deleted file recovery or similar programs. Here, I would like to recommend FileRescure Data Recovery to you.

FileRescure Data Recovery is a practical Windows 10 deleted file recovery. It is powerful enough to recover more than 550+ types of files from windows hard disk. Now, follow the steps below to undelete files on your computer.

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How to Undelete Files Windows 10 with Deleted File Recovery

Step 1. Install Windows 10 deleted file recovery to your computer

At beginning, download and install the FileRescure Data Recovery to your computer. Install it. Run it.

undelete files windows 10

Step 2. Select disk to scan

Next, you will see 4 recovery modes. You are recommended to try the first mode first. Select it, and then, you will be asked to specify file types and the disk to scan. After finish that, click Next.

windows 10 delete file recovery

Deep Scan and Raw File Recovery
After you select file types and locations to recover data from, you will see Deep Scan or Raw File Recovery options. They are for recovering files lost due to different reasons. If the files were deleted by formatting you should enable Deep Scan and if your files have been lost for long time you should select Raw File Recovery. These are Optional you can select or ignore them if you just want to recover your recently deleted files.

Step 3. Preview and undelete files Windows 10

Finally, after the scanning is over, all the recoverable files found on the disk will be categorized in the left sidebar, you can preview them to select the ones you need. At last, click on Recovery button to undelete files on Windows 10.

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Why you can Undelete Files on Windows 10

Before go to the data recovery program, I think you may want to know why the deleted files can be recovered, here, I can give you a reason. In fact, the deleted data is not erased from your computer immediately, but still in the file system and the space occupied by such data is marked “Free to use”. If you add new files to the disk, the deleted files may be overwritten by the new files and become unrecoverable. Therefore, it is important Not to add new files to the disk where you want to undelete files on Windows 10.


    Great article.

  • Stephen

    Hi, Can the data recovery recover formatted data on Windows 10?

  • Kitty

    Is this software able to recover app data? For example, lost game data on Windows 10?

    • I am not sure what data you want to recover, but your can have a try, the Windows version allows you to recover 100MB data for free.