“Hi, how to transfer contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone? I saved about five hundred of contacts on my iPhone 4S, and now I want to transfer them to my new iPhone 6, how can I do that? I do not want to input the contacts one by one because it is too difficult for me to do that, and I cannot endure that. Your tips will be appreciated very much. Thanks.”—Jessica

If you are bothered by the same problem, congratulations, you come to the right place. Here, I will introduce an easy way for you to transfer contacts from old phone to new iPhone.

In order to transfer contacts to new iPhone, you need a tool like Mobile Transfer to help you. Mobile Transfer is a great tool that can copy files from one phone to another with ease. With the help of this program, you can easily transfer contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone, and from other phones to your iPhone freely.

How to Transfer Contacts to New iPhone (5S, 6, 6 Plus)

The steps below will show you how transfer contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone, but you can also follow is to transfer contacts to other phones.

Step 1. Run the Mobile Transfer

Firstly, connect your new iPhone and the old one (Here the old phone could be Nokia, Samsung, HTC, LG, etc.) to your computer, and run the Mobile Transfer after you finish installation. Soon this program will detect your devices.


Step 2. Select contacts to copy

Secondly, after the software connects your phones, it will show the files that can transfer between the two devices in the middle window, just tick the box before Contacts and proceed.


Step 3. Start to transfer contacts to new iPhone

Finally, click Start Copy to transfer contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone. After a short while, all your contacts will be transfer to the new iPhone.

Tips: Keep your personal data secure
On your old phone, there must be some important personal information, which even are deleted by yourself, they are still recoverable with data recovery tools like iPhone Data Recovery, Android Data Recovery, so, if you want sell or donate your old phone, you’d better permanently delete the data on your iPhone. Mobile Transfer is such a tool that can clear your iPhone, and leave nothing on your phone. You can use this tool to delete your important personal information from your phone.

If you lost contacts from your iPhone, just read: How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone.

How to Transfer Contacts to New iPhone
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