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  • Simon Beno

    Can I still recover my voice memos if my power button is broken? Is there another way?

    • smartiphonerecovery

      What iPhone are you using? So far, this iPhone data recovery can only recover lost voice memos from iPhone 4 and 3 GS directly, if you are using the newer iPhone models, you have to recover the voice memos from iTunes or iCloud backup files.

      • Simon Beno

        Iphone 4. The standard recovery works fine but didn’t have the most recent deleted voice memos. Im hoping the advanced recovery option can get those back. I assume these phones have a “trash bin” that will house deleted data but I don’t know for sure.

        • smartiphonerecovery

          Sorry, may be the recently deleted voice memos are overwritten by new data, so they cannot be recovered anymore. By the way, iPhone does not have a trash bin to house deleted data, once you delete the data from your iPhone, you cannot find them on the iPhone anymore.

  • charlie

    I downloaded a free software, some photos shared in Whatsapp were recovered, not the photos in the camera that were deleted. can I still recover all the photos deleted from the camera in the phone Samsung Galaxy S6?

    • Sure, you can. If the photos are not broken, or overwritten by new files, you can recover them with the Android Data Recovery here.

  • charlie

    will it be able to view the deleted photos are still there before I purchase the software?

  • fefefe

    does not working for new last Z5 sony, there is not now classic MTP storage like before….., now is there only media storage and your program cant find this media storage in win 8.1.

    • Sorry to hear that. But did you root your device? If you did not, try the software after you root your phone. Good luck.

  • B rad

    will this software recover data from a samsung s6 running
    android version 5.1.1?

  • Sorry, but this tool cannot directly recover voice memos from iPhone 4S. But if you made backup before, this tool can extract voice memos from iTunes or iCloud backup. Good luck.

  • Alex Magee

    I have tried to reach customer service for days now and have yet to get a response. What is a number I can call?

  • Mary Jackson

    I am trying to recover some pictures I accidentally deleted. I purchased the software, but it did not work. I will need further assistance or please honor your 30 day money back guarantee.

    Mary Jackson

    • What program did you use? Did you follow the steps correctly? Everyday, many users purchase our software, but seldom of them feedback the software does not work. Make sure your USB cable and the port are not broken.

      • Mary Jackson

        Trust….USB cable and port is NOT broken.

      • Mary Jackson

        Respectfully request a refund

  • Dorienne Grech

    HI I am trying to recover some photos I deleted by mistaking but it is leading me to rooting the device, after the scan process…is that normal pls

    • Hi, Dorienne. Sure, it is normal after root your device. Do not worry about that. It is safe to root your device. Good luck.

  • Jennifer Ritter

    Does the Data Recovery program recover photos after an s6 factory reset?

    • Hi, Jennifer. TO recover photos after factory reset S6, you need Android data recovery, it works. Good luck.

  • Julie Wallace

    We purchased this product last night and it did not work at all. My daughter accidentally deleted the wrong video from her iphone 6s and we tried to recover using this product. The only items the recovery product ‘recovered’ were what was still on her phone! Definitely was not the result we were expecting based on the directions and the information. Followed the directions, every single step, and no issues with the connection as it clearly and easily found her phone–and everything currently on it. Very disappointed.

  • ACN

    The tool found files in every category except found 0 in text messages (which is the category we are most interested). Is there a setting on the phone, iTunes or on the app we need to adjust to generate information in the text message category?
    Thank you!

    • Hi, did you select all file types expect Text messages when select file types before the scan?

    • ACN

      Will someone be providing guidance to the question above? We want to see if the texts we are looking for are available for retrieval before purchasing to restore.
      Thank you…

      • Sorry, the trial version does not show all recoverable text messages there. If the program you purchased fails to recover the texts you need, you can request refund. Do not be worried about that.

  • ana

    I accidentally deletes pictutes from my galaxy s7 and i have downloaded the android data recovery and it scansmt device and then it says to click continue and i do but it doesnt go any further i am desperate for my pictures, please help me.

    • HI, ana. the free trial version cannot recover deleted pictures. So, you need to purchase the software to get back your photos.

      • ana

        I want to purchase the software please tell me how because it doesnt let me purchase it the only option i get is the free. I am willing to pay these pictures mean everything to me

        • Hi, ana. Sorry to bring you some many troubles. But please uninstall the software, and download from my site again, install and run it. Them the software will ask you to purchase the full version.

  • Anthony Peluso

    Hi I have just found an old I phone 4 it has not been used I about a year now I know I have pics on here that were accidently deleted , will I be able to recover them ? Even though it’s been a while ? Any help is greatly appreciated …
    Thank you

    • Hi, Anthony. You can use our software to recover lost photos on your iPhone 4 directly as long as the photos are not overwritten by new files. Good luck and enjoy your use!

      • Anthony p

        Thanks for the quick response but can I ask how do I do this I tried for hours last night but had no success can you send me the step by step instructions as to how to recover them & last they were deleted almost a year ago does this matter? Thanks for all your help

        • You are welcome. Time is no problem, but if the deleted files have been overwritten by new data, they cannot be recovered anymore.

      • Anthony p

        Can I recover from iPhone 4 even if it was deleted almost a year ago? Can you send me any info as to how I’m having a hard time I’m willing to purchase this if so but I’m not savy on the phone. Please any help is appreciated

    • Anthony p

      Ok last question I’m so sorry where would I find the d f u mode?
      Thanks for such quick responses you guys are great