Sony Cybershot cameras are loved by many photographers. People can take great quality videos and photos with the Cybershot cameras. However, data problems often bother the users, for example:

“How can I recover lost photos from my Sony Cybershot camera? I lost many photos from the camera, the photos are about a travel, and I spend lots of time to take them. Can I recover them?”

Well, data loss is a common problem that happens to digital devices especially to digital cameras. For example, accidentally press “Delete All” button on the camera; or photos get lost when transferred to the computer; or other reasons. Fortunately, now, it is possible to recover deleted photos from Sony Cybershot cameras. What you need is a tool like Photo Recovery.

Photo Recovery is a professional tool that can recover deleted photos and videos from your Sony Cybershot camera, no matter how the videos and photos are lost. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can easily handle this tool to restore deleted photos and videos from your camera and the memory card inside it.

Supported Sony Cybershot cameras
H200,H300,H400, HX50V,HX200V,HX300,HX400V,QX10,QX30,QX100,RX1,RX10,RX100

How to Recover Lost Photos and Videos from Sony CyberShot Cameras

Note: Stopping using your camera taking photos or recording videos, for the new files may delete the already deleted files and make them unrecoverable.

Step 1. Connect your device to the software

Before start the software, connect your camera to your computer via the digital cable.
Next, download and install the Photo Recovery to your computer, launch it. In the home menu, select a recovery mode to proceed.


Step 2. Scan your camera for the lost photos and videos

When the software shows your camera as a drive letter, select it to scan for the deleted photos and videos. The scanning time depends on the recovery mode you selected and how many files in your camera.


Step 3. Preview and recover lost photos and videos

After scan, you will be able to go to the scan result to preview the recoverable photos and videos, select the ones you need and click Recover to restore lost photos and videos.


Note: Do not save the recovered files to your camera again, for the safety’s sake.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Sony Cybershot Cameras
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