The Samsung Galaxy S7 is to be revealed to the world on 21st February 2016 but its looks have been leaked into the newspapers. According to the sources, the smart phone would be equipped with a pressure sensitive screen and would go a long way in providing tough competition to the other models. In addition the phone is also likely to incorporate features quite similar to the live photos of Apple. Rumors abound the Galaxy S7 would be available for sale from 21st February to 3rd of March. The slight delay in sales is probably due to the logistical issues however once they are sorted; people can relish the impeccable attributes of the product.
Samsung Galaxy S7 images are available on the online line website and can be noticed by its retro appearance. In the previous version of S6, the core processor delivered and impeccable performance but the S7 is known to score very high rating with its brand new processor to boot. The leak also suggests that the phone is powered by the Android operating system 6.0.1 that can easily manage multiple tasks without any hassles.
The processor is probably equipped with 8 core chipset and delivers a frequency of about 1.59 GHZ. It is bound to provide sterling results from long term perspective. Total capacity of the RAM is in the vicinity of 4 GB. Due to the inundation of the quality, the new smart phone is bound to captivate the imagination of the users to a great extent.
Low light performance enhancements would also be available in Samsung Galaxy S7. Therefore, you can take wonderful photos of the objects in the vicinity. Presence of the high speed USB charger cannot be denied as it will help to charge up the battery faster. You would not face problems of drained out battery once the charger kicks in with its capability.
Samsung smart phone arm has witnessed a decline in the profits in recent times but with advent of S6, the situation has improved by many notches. Samsung Galaxy S7 is an icing on the cake and would help to deliver awesome results to the users. Resolution of the rear camera is 12 MP and is bound to capture amazing snaps of the surroundings. You can take photos and upload them on the computer or share on the social media.
Curvy phone would be quite handy as it also boasts of QUALCOMM chip. It will provide tremendous boost to the functionalities.