Summary: FileRescure Android Data Recovery can help you recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy S7 within several simple steps.

In the touch screen, it is easy to delete something by accident, sometimes it is done by us; and sometimes it may be by our children. For instance, we may delete contacts on Galaxy S7 by mistake.

“Hi, I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S7 days ago in Samsung store, and transferred all contacts from my old Note 4 to the S7. But when I got to home, my little daughter deleted all the contacts from my phone after she got the device. Now, the contacts in blank, and what’s worse, I deleted all the contacts from my old Note 4 after I transfer the contacts to the new phone. So, what can I do to get back the lost contacts from S7? Your help will be appreciated. “—Jane

Previously such accident was a disaster, but luckily, it is not a terrible problem now. We can recover them with some professional tool. Here, in order to recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy S7, you can try FileRescure Android Data Recovery.

About FileRescure Android Data Recovery

  1. Able to recover text messages, videos, photos, contacts, whatsapp messages, and more from Android devices
  2. Support Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S5, S4, Note 5, Note 4, Note 3, and so on
  3. Read-only, 100% safe and clean.

Note: FileRescure Android Data Recovery cannot recover lost files that are overwritten by new data. So, please stop use your phone once you realize your important files are deleted from your Samsung Galaxy S7.

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How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S7

Step 1. Connect your phone to the program

At the beginning, download and install FileRescure Android Data Recovery to your computer. Connect your phone to the PC via USB cable. Then run the program.

recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy S7

Step 2. Enable USB debugging

Next, you need to enable USB debugging so that the Android data recovery program can get access to the file system of your Galaxy S7.

usb debugging

Step 3. Scan Samsung Galaxy S7 for the lost contacts

Since the program allows users to specify file types before scanning, if you only need to recover lost contacts from S7, you can only tick the box before Contacts. This will save much scanning time compared to scan all files on the phone.

scan android

Step 4. Recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy S7

When the scanning is over, the recoverable contacts will be listed in the Contacts folder in the left panel. Click the folders to find the contacts there. Mark the ones you need, and click Recover button to restore lost contacts from S7.

preview recovery

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Galaxy S7 News

Beijing on the afternoon of March 7, Samsung held a press conference in Shanghai, officially released this year, double the flagship S series: S7, S7 Edge. Although the conference before MWC, Samsung has released two products, but still vary between BNM and the other versions. The S7 country on the front line version canceled Samsung Logo, the overall appearance is more concise one.

The State Bank public version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 does not use Samsung’s own Orion 8890, are equipped with 2.15GHz Snapdragon 820 processor, with 4GB RAM + 32 / 64GB ROM (supports memory card expansion), the S6 is equipped with the same UFS2. 0 flash. In addition, S7 using 3000mAh capacity battery, S7 Edge of 3600mAH, support for fast charging. Samsung S7 series with Sony IMX260 sensor, the sensor is 1 / 2.5 outsole, which can reach maximum aperture F1.7, a single pixel area of 1.2μm upgrade from S6 to 1.4μm, resulting in low light conditions with greater Videos quality advantage. Samsung has also joined the double pixel technology focus, improve focus speed and photo quality. From the point of view all kinds of reviews, S7 series camera has gone beyond iPhone6s series.


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