“I cannot find the recorded MP4 footages on my GoPro Hero 3 camcorder, I am afraid they are gone because something is wrong with the Sandisk SDXC Card which is used to store the video files. I check the camcorder for the videos, but no luck. Can I recover lost videos from GoPro Hero camcorder or the memory card? ”

Well, I guess some users may have met such problem. Yes, many reasons may cause data loss on your camcorder, such as system error, deletion, formatting, improper handling or other reasons. But do not worry, it is possible to restore the lost videos and photos from your camcorder and the card inside as long as they are not overwritten by new files.

To recover deleted videos and photos from GoPro Hero 3/4 camcorder, the best solution is the Photo Recovery, which can recover the two types of files as well as audio files. This utility can recover deleted, lost, formatted and even corrupted photos and videos from your camcorder with ease.

Note: It is quite important to stop adding new files to your GoPro camcorder, any operation may generate new data and erase the deleted data forever.

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Recover Photos and Videos from GoPro Hero Camcorders

Photo Recovery is able to restore lost files within only three steps, and thanks to the intuitive interface, users can easily handle the software to perform data recovery process. Now, download the free trial version and follow the steps to see how.

Step 1. Select a recovery mode

Firstly, connect your camcorder or the memory card equipped with the device to your computer, and then launch the Photo Recovery software on your computer. In the home menu, select a recovery mode to go on.


Scan your device for the lost photos and videos

Next, the software will detect your device and the memory card which are attached to your computer, and show them as a drive letter. Select which you want to recover lost photos and videos from, and click Scan to find the lost files.


Step 3. Recover deleted photos and videos form GoPro camcorders

After scanning, you’ll be able to preview the photos to check the quality, and view original names of all found videos on your GoPro camcorder. You just need to select your lost files and click “Recover” to save them to your computer.


Note: Do not save the recovered files to your camcorder or memory card where you lost files, for safety’s sake.

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How to Recover Photos and Videos from GoPro Hero 3/4 Camcorders
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  • Jimmy

    Hi, can this photo recovery restore videos that are deleted two months ago? I tried the software, but it could not find the videos I want to recover from my GoPro Hero 4 camcorder.

    • smartiphonerecovery

      Hi, thank for using our software. If the program cannot find the videos you need, probably the videos are corrupted by other files, stated other way, the videos you deleted are overwritten by other files, and become unrecoverable. So, you cannot recover them anymore. I am sorry.

  • Tony Chapman

    am just trying to recover lost video file from this afternoon on my gopro 4 have downloaded the software and followed instructions but the software is not finding my gopro? why is that?

    • smartiphonerecovery

      Hi, Tony. Please make sure your device is correctly connected to the computer. If your computer cannot recognize your device, this software cannot find your device, either. You can try another USB cable instead.