Summary:Format Recovery is a powerful tool to recover files after format. This article will mainly introduce how to restore deleted files after format with the Format Recovery. 

One question for you, my dear friend! If you forgot to back up or copy your files or partitions before format, then what should you do? Some friends may tell me that it’s ok, because the formatted files are not so important. Okay, but what if this file is very important and may cause over 10,000usd financial loss? It is very common for some business people. In the followings, I am going to highly recommend a powerful tool to help recover files after format.

Don’t ignore losing files after format and think this is impossible to happen in your life. Format is very common when you use electronic devices, which you can understand after read this article. So you need to find a solution to save yourself out of this big trouble. Here it is: Data Recovery, a practical Format Recovery.

Firstly, you need to know what format is. Format is very necessary for our devices updating, repairing and also virus cleaning sometimes. It is an operation of make your disk or disk partitions initialized, which will lead to all files deleted. Formatting includes high level formatting and low level formatting. There are many situations that require you to do format, such as: operating system not found, invalid command, non system disk, etc .You may remind of backing up important files only after format. Formatting actually has not deleted your files really, it just hidden the files in some place. You need to carry out format recovery as soon as possible, because once your formatted partition is written by other content, it means that your files are really lost at that time and can not be recovered any more.

Secondly, what is Data Recovery? This software is professional in recovery of various files ,such as documents, photos, music, videos, etc. It is free to download and can be easily installed and operated on your computer, and is able to recover files from cell phones, music players, memory cards, digital cameras,etc. Here, I will take recovering files after format in computer for illustration.

How to Recover Files After Format with Format Recovery

The whole process for recovery by using this tool may only take several steps as below:

Step 1: Install the Data Recovery to your computer

Set up Format Recovery on your computer and then select those files you want out. As you know, your computer is always filled with various files on the disks. like video, music, office documents, ,etc.

Step 2: Select file types and specify the partition to scan

After the file types have been selected out, you must specify the exact lost location of your files. That can make your recovery more fast.

When the software is ready to search your file, you can click “Enable Deep Scan ”. This will make your formatted files much easily be found.

Step 4: Recover files after format

After the scan, the recoverable files will be in listed in rows as soon as the scan finishes. You can preview the photos only. And then tick out which files are what you need. And then click the “Recover” button to restore files from your disk.
Note: To avoid overwriting other deleted files, pls choose another disk on your computer to save the recovered files..

If you are really interested in this format recovery tool, but not firmly believe it’s powerful functions, then you can try the trial version of this software, and check whether it can help you get all your formatted files come back. Any problem, freely contact us.

Format Recovery-How to recover files after format
  • Greatokjhgates

    I format the SD card in my Samsung Galaxy S4. Does this Data Recovery restore the lost photos, and other files?

    • Sure this Data Recovery can restore lost data from your SD card as long as they are not overwritten by new data. Just give it a try.