Summary: Do  not worry about the lost photos and videos from your digital camera, you can recover deleted videos photos from Leica Q camera with the help of FileRescure Data Recovery and Photo Recovery for Mac.

People love to take photographs and videos of the wonderful moments they spend together with their families and loved ones. Usually, you transfer the photos and videos to your PC for storage. Sometimes, it may so happen that you might lose the data before the actual storage. There are chances of corruption of your SD card or damage to your Leica Q camera resulting in loss of data. The best way to recover the data is to approach an authorized Leica Q service center for recovery of your photos and videos. However, this might be an expensive affair. You can do so at home too. We shall now see how you can do so at home.

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How to Recover Deleted Videos Photos from Leica Q

• Connect the camera to the computer:

You can connect the camera to the computer using a USB cable. You can also take out the memory card and connect it to the computer using a card reader.

• Launch Data Recovery:

This is a photo and video recovery software. You should download and install this software on your computer. You should now open this software by clicking on the icon.


• Go to the Wizard mode:

You have to click on the Wizard mode to start the recovery process. You will have to answer just two simple questions.

• Select the file types you wish to recover:

This will be the first question. You will have a list of options available to you. They are Photo/Graphic, MP3/Audio, Video, Office Document, Email, and All file types. In this particular case, the first option is the most appropriate one.


• Select the Device:

The system will ask you to select the device from where you have lost the data. The available options are the internal memory, external removable devices, recycle bin, Desktop, and Documents, ‘I can’t remember’, and ‘I can’t find my partition’. In this case, you have to select the external removable devices.

• Do the Deep Scan or the Raw file Recovery:

This will now ask you to choose between two options. One is the Deep Scan Recovery and the other is the Raw file Recovery. In case you have lost the file due to reformatting, you have to choose Deep Scan Recovery. In case you are recovering the files after a lapse of a long period, then the Raw Recovery is the apt option for you. However, both these options are optional. In case, you have lost the files recently, you can skip and go ahead.

• Click Start:

Once you have made your choice, you should click ‘Start’ for commencing of the scan.

• Preview the files you wish to recover:

Once the scan is over, it will show you the preview of all the files you wish to recover.

• Click on the ‘Recover’ button for the recovery:

Once the scan is over, click Recover button to recover deleted videos photos from Leica Q camera, and then, it will ask you for a location where you would like to store the recovered files. You should make your choice and the system will start recovering the files in the specified location.


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Recover deleted videos photos from Leica Q Camera
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