Summary: Do not worry if you lose important text messages on your Galaxy S6, this article will introduce an easy way to recover deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy S6.

Generally speaking, text messages record some relationship or some memories. People love texting messages to communicate with others. However, there is a problem: it is common to lose text messages on the smartphones, for example, Samsung Galaxy S6

“Hi, how to recover deleted text messages from Galaxy S6? I deleted some important text messages on the device by mistake, can I recover them? How? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. ”—James

So, if you meet this problem, how do you solve this? Here, this article will show you a solution.

In order to recover lost SMS from Samsung Galaxy S6, you can try this Android Data Recovery, which is a professional recovery tool made to restore lost data from Android devices. This program is able to access the internal memory to find the lost data including text messages, photos, contacts, etc. The passage below will show you in details how to restore lost SMS from Galaxy S6.

Good News: The new Android Data Recovery for Mac now can recover files both from the internal memory and from the SD card inside the Android phone. Just give it a free try now! 
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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy S6

Step 1. Free download the Android data recovery

At beginning, download and install the Galaxy S6 text message recovery to your computer. Connect your phone to the computer via the USB cable, and then launch the software.

android data recovery

Next, you will be asked to enable USB debugging. Just follow the steps written in the window to enable USB debugging. After that, this Android Data Recovery will identify your device and then, click Scan to scan the phone for the lost text messages.

usb debugging

It may take a little while to scan the device for the software need to scan all files on your device. After the scan, you can preview the text messages found on your device, and mark those you need, click Recover to retrieve lost text messages on your Galaxy S6.

preview recovery

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More about Android Data Recovery
Supported devices: (Almost all devices that run Android OS 2.3 or above)
Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S4, S3, S2; Note 4, Note 3, Note 2,
HTC One X, HTC One mini, HTC one M7, M8, etc
LG, HUAWEI, etc.

Supported contents:
Text messages, contacts, WhatsApp chat history, photos, videos, call history, audio, etc.

About Galaxy S6
On March 1, 2015,Samsung released the Samsung galaxy s6, unveiled MWC2015 product launches. GALAXY by the glass-covered front S6, with the curvature of the fuselage side of the metal frame. Equipped with 64 eight-core Exynos 7420 processor, 14-nanometer manufacturing process, run a memory upgrade to 3GB LPDDR4, the overall configuration is also undoubtedly the top. Cheetah announced a partnership with Samsung, the flagship of this built-in cleaning function will clean up the master cheetah provided. For the first time in a system equipped with a telephone state level to provide visual IVR voice menu and other services

Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge design and powerful practicality perfect fusion of metal and glass Seiko build. As the world’s first powered double curved-side screen smart phone, the glass body with a current production process of the fourth generation of the most difficult Corning Gorilla Glass, and provided, including white, black, gold, blue, and green, including multi-kind jewelry choice of colors, in the light reflection, will bring a unique visual effect.

  • Katherine K

    I tried the free trial software to recover deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy S6, but why some messages are missing. I know little about data recovery. Please help.

    • Hi. Thanks for choosing our software. If you are still using your Samsung Galaxy S6 after you deleted the SMS, it is possible that the new files overwrite the deleted texts, which make them not recoverable anymore. Any more question?

  • Alliecat/tinashy Engel

    I tried the free trial and it is saying that I dont have permission to finish the scan for my phone to recover the data. please help

    • Please try the full-functional version. If it does not work, you can ask for refund in 30 days. Good luck.