Summary: iPhone 6S photo recovery is the best tool to recover deleted Pictures from iPhone 6S /6S Plus.

As we all know, iPhone has been extremely popular all over the world. More and more people would rather use iPhone6S than other brands, because of the intense fuselage, powerful memory, high pixel, etc. When mentioned high pixel, I guess many girls who likes to take self-timer have the same impression on iPhone 6S. But at the same time, problem comes.

Many users often take Pictures by the iPhone6S, and they may get into the habit of clearing the useless or worse-looking or invaluable Pictures. When you delete Pictures from our iPhone, you may easily delete the Pictures you really like or need by accident, then that will make you feel very regretful. In addition, Pictures may also be lost because of iPhone6S factory settings restore. Many other emergency situations may also occur, such as iPhone6S damaged, broken, lost, stolen, etc. These situations are really common in daily life. At that time, if one tool can help you to save that, I bet you will say “Oh, thank God, I will use this tool forever. I must recommend it to all my friends.”Here, you may ask me what is this amazing tool?

Before I give this magical weapon, I am going to tell you why your deleted Pictures on iPhone 6S are possible to be recovered. Actually, the Pictures you deleted by mistake are not really lost. On contrary, they still exist somewhere in your iPhone 6S system and are marked technically not visible to you. So you just need to find out the hidden Pictures use some special tool to bring them back to you. Here, you just need the help of this amazing tool— FileRescure iPhone Data Recovery.

Let me introduce it to you. FileRescure iPhone Data Recovery is a professional iOS data recovery software. This tool has one obvious feature is that it can selectively recover data you exactly need. In that way, it can greatly save your time and efforts. Besides, FileRescure iPhone Data Recovery has advantages in high-efficiency, easily-operation and multi-functions. In other word, it can also be a recovery tool for your deleted video, contacts, calling records, music, messages, etc.

Following simple steps to show how much easily-operated it is to recover deleted Pictures from iPhone 6S
Part 1:
How to Recover Pictures from iPhone 6s with iPhone Data Recovery
Remark: This part is suitable for those people whose iPhone 6S device is available.

Step 1: Firstly, make sure you have installed this software on your computer and then just start it. Take out USB cable and then use it to connect your iPhone6S to the computer. Look at the device screen and then just press Recover button.
Step 2:Search all the files categories and Select Camera Roll, Photo Stream and Photo Library on iPone6S.Then click the Scan button on the system page to start the scanning of your iPhone 6S.
Step 3: Get a careful whole view of the deleted Pictures of the thumbernails and choose the valuable useful ones you need. Then on the bottom right of the window, click the “Recover ”button to save them on your computer.
Part 2: How to Retrieve Pictures from iCloud Backup with FileRescure iPhone Data Recovery
Remarks: If you have made an iCloud backup before losing Pictures from iPhone6S, and your iCloud backup contains the Pictures you want to retrieve, please follow this part.

Step 1: Make sure FileRescure iPhone Data Recovery already installed on your computer , then start it, When you come to iCloud Backup Welcome Page, just press Recover button.
Step 2: Please input your Apple ID and sign in iCloud. Select the Pictures you want to retrieve from the iCloud backup . Next, then just download them from iCloud to your computer. Remember to click Next button.
Step 3: When you came to the next page, select Camera Roll and Photo Stream .Click Start Scan to scan your iCloud backup.

Step 4: Preview the iCloud Pictures in thumbnails. After that, select the valuable useful Pictures you want to retrieve. Finally, click Recover to get them to computer.