Summary: Do not worry about the lost photos and videos you recorded with Sony A6300, now, it is easy to recover deleted photos and videos from Sony A6300 with Photo Recovery.

Sony A6300 is an excellent mid-end camera newly released by Sony. Its acceptable price and outstanding features make it popular since it was released. To take photos and record videos, this camera is really a good choice. However, please take good care of your recordings, or you will be in trouble. See,

“Hi, I purchased a new Sony A6300 digital camera days ago, and recorded some videos as well as took some photos with the new device; however, unfortunately, the recordings are deleted by accident. I am wondering if they are recoverable for they took me hours to finish and I do not want to lose them. ”—Alex Cooper

So, is it possible to get back the lost photos and videos from Sony A6300? It was impossible years ago, but luckily, now, it is easy to restore deleted videos and photos now. What you need is a Data Recovery. Here, FileRescure Data Recovery is recommended.

About FileRescure Data Recovery
Can work for SD card, hard disk, CF card, USB drive, MP4/MP3 Player, digital camera, and many more storage devices
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Important Note: Do not add new files to the camera if you lost photos or videos where you want to get deleted files from, or the new files may erased deleted data and make them unrecoverable by permanently erasing them from the device.

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How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from Sony A6300

FileRescure Data Recovery is powerful enough to restore lost videos, photos from your digital camera Sony A6300, now, follow the steps below to have a try.

Step 1. Connect your camera to the program and select recovery mode

Firstly, connect your camera or remove the SD card inside from the device and connect it to your computer via a card reader. Then, run the Data Recovery. You will see the main interface where you are required to answer two questions. Do that or go to the Standard Mode, where you can see 4 recovery modes, and you are recommended to try the first mode first, for it can quickly recover your lost data.

recover deleted photos and videos from sony a6300

Step 2. Scan your SD card

Next, you need to select your SD card and specify file types to scan. If the first mode cannot find the lost files, you can choose Enable Deep Scan, which will take more time to scan your SD card.


Step 3. Recover deleted photos and videos from Sony A6300

After the program finishes scanning, it will show the recoverable file types in the left panel, go to the videos and photos folder to select the items you need, and click Recover button to restore them from your Sony A6300 camera.

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