Summary: Lost photos and videos from Nikon D5 and D4S can be recovered, you can use FileRescure Data Recovery and Photo Recovery for Mac to recover deleted photos videos from Nikon D5, D4S.

People love to enjoy life with their loved ones. They also enjoy taking photographs and storing them for posterity. Usually, people nowadays use digital cameras. They take their photographs and transfer the same to their computers for storage. This is the correct method. However, it may so happen that they might accidentally delete some photos from the camera. They may also damage the camera accidentally because of water seepage and so on. Under such circumstances, they may lose the photos they have collected painstakingly. There are chances of people stressing out over this fact. Now, you need not worry at all. There are methods available today using which you can recover deleted photos videos from Nikon D5, D4S cameras.
The Nikon Recovery Software:
You should use professional data recovery software to recover the photos and videos you have lost accidentally.
However, you should note that you should stop using your Nikon camera once you have lost your photos. This is because, whenever the photos are lost, they remain in the system. However, the space they occupied becomes free. If you accidentally load more photos on that particular space, it would become very difficult to recover the lost photos. You may lose them forever.

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How to recover deleted photos videos from Nikon D5/D4S

• You have to connect your Nikon camera to the Mac using the USB cable. Alternatively, you can connect the SD card using a card reader.
• The second step is downloading the Nikon Photo Recovery software. Once the downloading is over, you have to proceed towards installing the same on your Mac. Now you should run this software and select the media drive. The next step would be to scan the camera.

Recover deleted photos videos from Nikon D5
• While the scanning is over, you will get a list of the recoverable files in the result screen. You can choose the photos you wish to recover and click on the ‘Recover’ button. You will be able to recover all the photos at one shot.

You can also use alternative photo recovery software such as Photo Recovery to recover deleted photos videos from Nikon D5/D4S on Mac.
• Download the software into your Mac and install the same on your computer.
• Run the program.
• You will get four options. You can connect your camera to the Mac in case you have to recover the photos from your camera. You can also connect your SD card using a card reader. You also have the option of recovering the photos from an external source such as a pen drive or from an internal source such as the hard disk.
• On choosing your device, you have to proceed to scan the same.
• The software will scan the device and present you with a list of recoverable files.
• You can choose the photos or videos you wish to recover and click on the ‘Recover’ button to recover all the lost photos.
You have seen two methods to recover your lost photos from Nikon D5/D4S.

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