Summary: It is a common problem that we lose photos from Sony Xperial Z5, but now, we can recover deleted photos from Sony Xperia Z5 with little effort. Here, this article will show you how to restore / retrieve Sony Xperial Z5 photos with the help of Android Data Recovery .

How many times we mistakenly delete photos from the mobile phone only to repent later?  It is a common problem faced by majority of people. If you want to recover deleted photos from Sony XPERIA Z5, try the following steps as they would help to accomplish the task in an easy and hassle free manner.

Part 1:

Recover Deleted Photos from Sony XPERIA Z5 internal storage memory

  • Download the software:

Android operated phone is flexible and it is easy to obtain the images and the files back. Sometimes the malfunctioning of the OS can lead to the destruction of the images. If the memory cards are removed while reading or writing process is going on, it can also lead to accidental deletions. What you can do is to download the Android Data Recovery software to complete the job in an easy and hassle free manner. Once you invoke the application, it will ask you to connect the computer to the Android device.

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  • Connect the phone to the computer :

The process starts by logging into the phone as an administrator. A guest will not have the rights to recover the file or take the back up of the data. You should make sure that the smart phone is then connected to the laptop. Once the phone is recognized by the computer, check the UMS option in XPERIA. It is a very important step to conduct the recovery procedure. Make sure that the connection is proper or else the recovery process might fail.

android data recovery

  • Change the mode:

Also make sure that USB debugging is activated to recover deleted photos from Sony XPERIA Z5.
usb debugging

  • Select the drive:

The wizard will take you through the whole process by prompting to click the Next button. When you perform the action, laptop accesses the primary and the secondary memory of the phone. You will array of drives on the computer and select the one in which images were stored and then deleted.

  • Choose pictures :

Computer will scan the phone and find the images that existed on the drive. It might take about 2 to 3 minutes depending on the size of the data on the device. After the process is completed, you will get a list of image files on the computer. Select the pictures that you want to recover from the system.
scan android

  • Recover:

Any data such as contacts, photos, videos and messages can be retrieved in a jiffy, so you do not have to sweat as the option for recovery is readily available.
preview recovery

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Part 2: Retrieve Lost Photos from SD Card Inside Sony Xperial Z5

If you lost the photos from the SD card inside your phone, you can follow the steps below to get back them.

  • Download the Photo Recovery

Click the button below to download the Photo Recovery to your computer.

  • Connect your card to the computer

Next, remove the SD card from your phone, and connect it to your computer.

  • Scan the SD card

Then, run the Photo Recovery to scan the SD card for the lost photos.

  • Recover photos

Preview and recover deleted photos from Sony Xperial Z5 SD card

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About Sony Xperia Z5

In XperiaZ5 used standard screws and adhesives, though the user does not need special dismantling tool but the entire dismantling rather cumbersome, require a high patience can. The hardest part of the whole dismantling process that separate parts, the position of some components really is not conducive to start. Such as a fingerprint sensor, or traditional phones are located on the back of the Home button, but XperiaZ5 fingerprint sensor located in the power button, when the removal of the main flex cable need extra attention.

In XperiaZ5 inside two most eye-catching is the Xiao Long 810 processor used to heat the brass, and according to previous reports of view, XperiaZ5 after shooting 4K Ultra HD video 10 minutes will begin to heat and close the camera application.

XperiaZ5 is the fifth generation of Sony Xperia flagship, priced $ 670, providing a white, gold and green and other colors. The machine is equipped with a 5.2 inches of 1080p resolution display, equipped with a Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of memory to run, and provides 32GB of storage space body, equipped with a 23 million-pixel camera and 5-megapixel front camera. In addition, XperiaZ5 built 2900mAh capacity battery and pre-installed operating system Android5.1Lollipop.