Do you have any ideas on how to recover deleted photos from Huawei MATE 8? I deleted some pictures from my phone accidentally; do you know how to get them back? Thanks for your help?—Jason

So, to many Huawei MATE 8 users, losing important photos is a disaster. In fact, not only in MATE 8, in all smart phones, this problem is quite common. But luckily, you do not need to worry now, it is possible to recover lost photos from Huawei MATE 8, furthermore, the steps are very simple. To do this recovery, you just need an Android Data Recovery or a Photo Recovery.

A. If you lost photos from the internal storage

In this case, you need an Android Data Recovery to restore the photos, for only professional tool can enter the file system in Android devices. Here, FileRescure Android Data Recovery is your good choice. It can help you recover deleted photos from Huawei MATE 8 easily.

B If you deleted photos from the memory card

In this case, FileRecersure Data Recovery can be your best choice. It supports recover 550+ types of files from SD card, USB drive, hard drive, digital cameras, and more devices.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Huawei MATE 8 internal storage

Step 1. Download the Android Data Recovery and connect your phone to it

At beginning, download and install FileRescure Android Data Recovery to your computer. Connect your MATE 8 to your computer via the USB cable. Then, run the software. It will soon detect your device.

recover deleted photos from huawei mate 8

Step 2. Enable USB debugging

You need to enable USB debugging before you can proceed to scan your phone. After that, you will see all file types list in the interface comes, select the file types you need to recover, and click Scan button to scan your device.

usb debugging

Step 3. Recover deleted photos from Huawei MATE 8

After the scan, you are able to preview the photos to select those you need. After selecting the photos, click Recover button to restore deleted pictures from your phone.

Recover lost Photos from Huawei MATE 8 Memory Card

Step 1. Connect your phone to the Data Recovery, select recovery mode

At first, download and install the Data Recovery program to your computer, then connect your Huawei MATE 8 to the computer. Then select a recovery mode. Here, let’s start with the first mode.

Step 2. Specify file types

Then, you will be asked to select file types to recovery. You can either select the file you need to recover all select all file types to restore which may bring you some surprises.

Step 3. Scan your phone

Next, the wizard will ask you to find the drive you would like to recover data from. Here, select your phone to scan.

Step 4. Preview and Recover Deleted Photos from Huawei MATE 8

At last, when the scanning is over, you will see all files found on your phone. You can preview the photos, and make sure which ones are that you need. Click Recover button to recover deleted photos from Huawei MATE 8.



How to Recover Deleted Photos from Huawei MATE 8