Summary: It is possible to recover deleted photos from HTC Desire phone, you can use Android Data Recovery to restore lost photos from your HTC Desire phone.

“Hi guys, all the photos on my HTC Desire 816 phone are deleted by mistake, can I recover them? The photos are deleted when I transfer them from the phone to computer for backup. Is there any tool can recover deleted photos from HTC Desire? Thanks for your help in advance.

Well, it is common that losing photos when transferring from phone to computer, due to the system crash or other reasons. No matter for what reasons the photos are gone, do not worry now, it is possible to recover the lost photos, and what you need is the Android Data Recovery.

Android Data Recovery is a specially developer program to restore lost data from Android devices. It can scan the internal memory of the Android device and recover deleted files such as videos, photos, contacts, text messages, etc. as long as the lost files are not overwritten by new data. So, the first thing you need keep in mind is stopping use your phone once you deleted something from your phone.

The HTC Desire Photo Recovery supports all HTC series phones that run Android 2.3 OS or the above including Desire 816/820/610, Desire C, Desire HD, Desire S, Desire SV, Desire V, Desire VC, Desire X, Desire XC, Desire Z, etc.. If you lost photos from the SD card inside the HTC Desire phone, you can also use this Photo Recovery to recover deleted pictures from your HTC Desire.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from HTC Desire

The guide below will show you how to use Android Data Recovery and Photo Recovery to recover lost photos from HTC Desire. Now here we go.

Part 1: Recover HTC Desire Photos from Internal Memory

Good News: The new Android Data Recovery for Mac now can recover files both from the internal memory and from the SD card inside the Android phone. Just give it a free try now! 

Step 1. Download the Android Data Recovery
Free download this HTC Desire Photo Recovery first, and then install it to your computer.
android data recovery
Step 2. Enable USB Debugging
Next, connect your phone to the computer with the USB cable, and enable USB debugging. When it comes to different Android OS versions, the steps to enable USB debugging vary, just follow the steps written in the interface to enable USB debugging.
usb debugging
Step 3. Scan your device
After the software recognizes your device, you can click Scan to scan your phone for the lost photos.
scan android
Step 4. Preview and restore photos from HTC Desire
At last, when the scan is over, you can go to the scan result to find the photos found on your phone. Preview them and mark the items you need, click Recover to restore them from your phone.

free download_win
free download_mac

Part 2. Recover Deleted Photos from HTC Desire Memory Card

Step 1. Free download the Photo Recovery
Firstly, download and install the photo recovery to your computer.
Step 2. Connect the memory card to the computer
Next, connect the memory card to your computer. For safety’s sake, you are recommended to pull out the SD card from your phone to perform the photo recovery.
Step 3. Scan the card
Next, run the HTC Desire Photo Recovery, and scan the memory card to find the lost photos.

Step 4. Preview and recover lost photos
Finally, after the scan, you are allowed to preview the recoverable photos, tick those you need, and hit Recover button to restore them from the card.

free download_win
free download_mac
How to Recover Deleted Photos from HTC Desire
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