“Hi, how to recover deleted photos from Galaxy S6 ? I took some pictures with my Galaxy S6 on my good friend’s birthday party, but unfortunately, I delete them by accident. How can I retrieve deleted pictures from Samsung Galaxy S6? Please help. Thanks. ”

Well, it is just quite common that people delete photos from Galaxy S6 by mistake, but do not worry about that, you get a chance to restore the lost pictures. Here, I would like to recommend this Android Data Recovery and Photo Recovery to help you.

If you saved the photos to the internal memory inside your phone, you need to use the Android Data Recovery to retrieve the lost pictures; if your photos are saved in the memory card, you can use this Photo Recovery.

Short introductions of the Android data recovery and photo recovery:
Android data recovery is a professional program to recover lost files from the Android devices’ internal memory, it can recover text messages, photos, contacts, etc safely and easily.
Photo recovery is a powerful tool to recover lost photos and videos from hard drive, digital cameras, memory card, USB drive, etc.

Part 1: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Galaxy S6 Internal Memory

Good News: The new Android Data Recovery for Mac now can recover files both from the internal memory and from the SD card inside the Android phone. Just give it a free try now! The Windows version is right on the way!
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Step 1. Free download the Android Data Recovery

Firstly, download and install this Galaxy S6 photo recovery to your computer, connect your device to the program, and run this software to let it detect your device.

Step 2. Identify your Galaxy S6

Next, you need to enable USB debugging to let the program identify your device. Just follow the instructions in the window to enable USB debugging.

Step 3. Scan your device for the lost photos

After the software identifies your device, click Scan to scan your Galaxy S6.

Step 4. Preview and recover deleted photos from Galaxy S6

After the scan, you can go to the photo folder on the left sidebar to preview the photos found on your Galaxy S6, select the items you need, hit Recover to retrieve lost pictures.

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free download_mac

Part 2: Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Galaxy S6 Memory Card

Photo Recovery is an easy-to-use program to recover lost photos and videos from different devices, follow the steps below to recover deleted photos from memory card in your Galaxy S6.

Step 1. Connect your memory card to the Photo Recovery

Firstly, connect your memory card to your computer using the card reader (recommended for safety’s sake; you can also connect your device to the computer), run the Photo Recovery.


Step 2. Scan your memory card

Next, select your memory card to scan for the lost photos.


Preview and restore the lost photos

After the scanning is done, all files found on the memory card will be listed on the left panel, go to the photo folder to preview the pictures, tick the ones you need, and click Recover to restore them from the card.


free download_win
free download_mac
  • Juliana Martin

    I saved the photos on the CF card inside the Galaxy S6, and tried the Photo Recover for Mac to recover the deleted photos from the device, but after the scan, I find some photos are missing. Does that mean the missing photos cannot recovered anymore?

    • Yes, the missing photos are unrecoverable. So, do remember, if you delete photos from your Galaxy S6, stop using your phone, after all, any operation may generate new data, and overwrite the deleted data.

  • SOS

    My phone wont connect :'( ive already tried switching the USB mode from MTP and PTP twice too

    • HI, did you solve your problem? If the USB cable is not broken, the program should be able to recognize your Galaxy S6.

  • Tony. K.

    Can the free trial version recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S6? For I want to test whether the software really works for my S6.

    • Hi, tony. Glad you are interested in our software. But I am sorry to tell you the free trial version does not allow you to recover photos, it can only recover limited text contents like text messages, contacts, etc. You have to purchased the full version if you need to recover deleted photos from Samsung S6. Do not worry if the app fails to restore your pictures, you can ask for refund within 30 days.

  • Jose Santiago

    This method trip Knox Waranty Void?

  • Hi, Wong. I think you may not correctly connect your device to the program. Please try another USB cable, and make sure you have enable USB debugging.

  • Martha Villalobos

    I moved (transfered) photos to a sd card with a usb on the go.. my phone powered off in the last transfer. Now that i go back to the sd folder is not even visible its gone. I have stopped using the phone since I read this last night. Do u think Ihave a chance trying to recovered them from both ?

    • Hi, Martha. You get a chance to recover your lost photos. You can try the Data Recovery to scan the SD card, and if there are not photos there, try Android Data Recovery to restore the photos from your S6. Good luck.

  • chris

    trying to get back deleted pics from my galaxy s6 edge. when i run this it says i need to get privilege, we recommend you the most reliable tool, please click continue button to view the tutorial and have a try……what exactly does this mean and why is this not working. is it because I’m running on the free trial? or even if i purchased am i going to still see this message regardless. please help.

    • Hi, chris. The free trial version cannot recover lost photos. You need to purchase the software before you can recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S6. In addition, you need to root your device.If our software cannot help you root your S6, you can try OneClickRoot. Enjoy your use!

  • mel

    i’ve been able to restore my photos but when i got to properties it does not show the original date the photo was take. its like ti has been overwritten. Is there any way to to recover the information as to when the photo was originally taken?

    • Hi, mel. I am afraid the software cannot restore the date you need, which may be erased permanently from your phone and cannot recovered anymore. Sorry.

  • Hi, Alex. I am sorry to hear that, but do not be worried too much. As long as you did not add too much data after your find your photos are disappeared, they can be recovered with our software, but you have to purchase the full version to recover your lost photos. The steps are illustrated in this guide, you can follow them to recover your photos. Any question. leave your comments here.

  • Jean Afan

    Hello. I understand the free trial version wont let me recover deleted photos on my s6 edge. But which app I need to purchase? The Fonelab? What about the root genius?

    • Hi, Jean. You need to purchase the FoneLab for Android to restore photos from your S6 internal memory. As far as I know, S6 does not have SD card slot, but if you want to restore photos from SD card or similar storage devices, you can use our Data Recovery. As for rooting apps, iRoot, OneClickRoot may be helpful, you can give them a try. Any other questions, leave your comment here. Enjoy your use.