Summary: In this article,  you will find a way to recover deleted data from water damaged iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus with the help of iPhone Data Recovery.

In my past lifetime, nothing was worse than that bad accident. I believe many people may guess that I broke up with boyfriend, or lost a great deal of money, or was blamed by my teacher, or many other troubles. But not exactly. To tell you the truth, my iPhone6S fell into water by accident when I bent down in the bathroom. You can imagine what happened to my iPhone 6S. If it was just empty digital, maybe the loss to me is only money.

But as you can guess, I had stored a lot of important data in it, which some was essential to my life, others essential to my beloved work. It was undoubtedly crazy for me. The only thing I can do at that time was being regretful to all my lost data, because none can help me to recover my lost important data. If some one can give me a tool for recovery, no matter how much money or energy I needed to pay for it, I would be willing to repeat to say ”Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear, thanks God” .

However, at that time, no such amazing tools exist in this world. Now, if you got into such trouble, you will be much luckier than me. Here, I highly recommend iPhone Data Recovery for your guys.

iPhone Data Recovery is a very easy –operated and high-efficient, specially-designed tool to help you recover deleted photos, videos, messages, contacts, call history, notes, etc. iPhone Data Recovery make it possible for you to save deleted data on your computer or Mac with one easy click if your iPhone 6S was damaged by water, for the reason that your data do not truly disappear from your device, while they just hid in some invisible place.

However, please note that once you found your data on your iPhone 6S lost or deleted, please remember not to use your device any more. Otherwise if they’re overwritten, then your lost data recovery will become a forever dream that can never be realized.

Now, if you are in such trouble, please stop the sadness and take out your water damaged iPhone 6S, follow me according to the below steps and you will get the big surprise.

How to Recover Deleted Data from Water Damaged iPhone 6S / 6S Plus

Step 1: Make sure you have launched iPhone Data Recovery in your computer and start it. USB cable is needed to connect your iPhone 6S to computer.
Step 2: Choose Recover in your iPhone 6S. After all the categories come into your view, just click the Scan button on the right bottom of the window.
Step 3: Carefully preview the scan results and then choose the data which are essential that you want to recover.
Step 4: At last, do not hesitate to click the Recover button to recover them.

Hey, guys, just the above simple 4 steps can make you get out of trouble and sadness, why not have a try? Come here!

For more information and details, just freely tell us. Your consultation and advice will be highly appreciated by us. And I bet that sharing with your friends will bring you more happiness and fulfillment.



News about iPhone 6S

Beijing on September 10, 2015 released the iPhone 6s series. iPhone 6s with gold, silver, deep space gray, rose gold. Screen high-strength Ion-X glass, processor A9 processor, CPU performance than the A8 upgrade 70%, 90% increase in graphics performance, rear camera 12 million pixels front camera 5 million pixels. Camera focusing more accurate, CMOS to noise using “deep trench isolation” technology, support for 4K video recording. Data connectivity, supports 23 band LTE network, and 2x speed WIFI connection. September 25, 2015 sale.