Summary:With Samsung Galaxy S6 Data Recovery, you are empowered to recover deleted data from Galaxy S6 including videos, photos, text messages, contacts, and more.

Do you like the delicate high-level design of Samsung Galaxy S6? It has been very popular among young people since it came out in 2015, March. It has arc metal frame with double glass, combined the Samsung traditional style and iPhone style. Undoubtedly, Samsung Galaxy s6 has become popular Although many people like Samsung Galaxy s6, some also complain that data loss of Samsung Galaxy s6 can cause great damage. Some point that once the data get lost by accident, then they lost forever and can never be recovered any more! However,

is that truth? Actually not! It is possible to recover data from Samsung Galaxy S6. As we all know, data loss caused by wrong and careless operation is unavoidable. It’s very common to see in daily life. Take some examples, factory reset, virus invasion, memory card bad quality, formatting, etc. No doubt these accidents can actually cause your data loss and disappear from your visible place in your Samsung Galaxy s6. But in fact, they are just not visible in your eyes, because they are hidden. But by professional recovery software, they can be detected very easily. I have used many such kinds of software before, here I just recommend you with this one: Android Data Recovery, a practical Samsung Galaxy S6 Data Recovery tool .

So why I highly recommend this one? Several reasons are as followings:
1. Save your time. It just need several steps within about 10 minutes. Much more easier operated!
2. Ensure all the data your want be recovered without any mistakes and loss.
3. Test versions for you to check. So you have no risk.
4. Best service. It has very friendly professional after-service teams and can always provide you with most prompt reply for your doubts or problems.
5. Very easy to recognize your android device. no matter Samsung galaxy S6 or S5, or any other brand device.
6. Wide applications. Able to recover files, data, photos, videos, music, text messages, emails, contacts, etc.

The below steps can help you out of the sadness and trouble of lost data in your Samsung galaxy s6 device. Why not follow?

How to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy S6

1. Download and set up Android Data Recovery on your computer

Go to download Samsung Galaxy S6 Data Recovery and set it up on your computer. Please make sure of the authorized edition, because there are many fake version and also virus web link of this software, which will mislead you.

2. Connect your device to computer and recognized by the software

Take out your USB cable and connect it to your computer. Enable USB debugging. Then your Samsung galaxy s6 device can be soon identified and recognized by Android Data Recovery .

3. Scan Samsung galaxy s6 by S6 Data Recovery

Do not hesitate to click the Scan button for the software to find out all the existing data in the device Samsung galaxy s6. Scanning can take several minutes, but sure thing is that none of data will be ignored or can not be found out by Android Data Recovery .

4. Choose the data you want and recover

After short scanning, you will surprised to see that a window occurs on the screen, with all the files and data listed in rows. Check them carefully and select out the data you want to get back. Finally, click the Recover button to finish the process. Do not forget to choose an easy-found local path to save the recovered data.

You will be much appreciated for this software and say ”Oh, thank God”, because it helps you get important data back. Your life and work won’t be bothered by lost data any more. Any doubt about the whole process, just freely contact me for professional guidance.

How to recover data from Samsung Galaxy S6
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  • Alen K

    Can this Galaxy S6 data Recovery recover lost videos deleted three months ago?

    • If the videos are not overwritten by new files, it is possible to get back them with the help of this Samsung Galaxy S6 data recovery. Good luck.