“Yesterday, I formatted my hard drive on my computer to erase virus from my computer, but forgot to backup some important files, can I recover them? There are some precious photos, Excel documents, etc. they are important to me. How to recover lost files from hard drive?”—Jessica

When we are using our computer, we may lose files due to various reasons, formatting in one of the reasons. So, can we recover deleted files from hard drive? This article will show you the solution.

In fact, the system on the hard drive does not erase the deleted files immediately after you deleted the files from your computer, the deleted files are still on your computer, but inaccessible to general users, and the space they occupy is labeled as free to use. So, as long as the deleted data are not overwritten by new files, you get a chance to restore them. The tool you need is the Data Recovery.

Data Recovery is a professional tool to recover files from hard drive, USB drive, SD card, and other storage devices. With the help of this tool, you can easily restore deleted files from your HDD. This program provides four recovery modes to restore lost data, below is the guide.

Firstly, download the data recovery tool as per your computer’s OS. Mac and Windows versions are available here.

Guide on Recovering Deleted Data from Hard Drive

Step 1. Choose a data recovery mode

After you install the Data Recovery for hard drive, run it. You can see four recovery modes in the home window. You are recommended to try the first mode first for it can fast recover lost data. This mode will carry out a quick scan to find the deleted files on your hard drive and recover them with the original file names.

Step 2. Select disk to scan

Next, select the disk you lost files to scan. All disks including the external drives will be listed in the window. If you are trying to recover data from external hard drive, connect the drive to your computer before run this program, or hit Refresh drives if the drive is not displayed.

Step 3. Recover deleted data from hard drive

After the scan, you will see all recoverable files displayed in the left sidebar, open the folders to check the files you need. You can preview images, and documents. Select the files you need and click Recover to save the recovered files to your computer.

Note: Do not save the recovered files to the disk where you lost data, or, it may overwrite some delete data on the disk.


About Hard drive

Hard drive is one of the main storage mediums in computer, by one or more discs made of glass or aluminum composition. The outer cover has a disc of ferromagnetic material.
Hard disk solid state disk (SSD drive, the new hard disk), mechanical hard drive (HDD traditional hard drives), hybrid hard drives (HHD born out of a piece based on traditional mechanical hard drives new hard disk). SSD uses flash memory to store the particles, HDD using magnetic disc to store, hybrid hard drives (HHD: Hybrid Hard Disk) is the magnetic hard drives and flash memory integrated into a hard together. The vast majority of hard drives are fixed, are permanently sealed and fixed in the hard drive.