Summary: Lost data after factory reset? Read this article to find how to recover data after factory reset Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6

Sometimes, we may need to do factory reset to our mobile phone such as Galaxy S3, S4, S5, or S6 due to different reasons, for example, the phone is freezing, the phone cannot work properly, etc.. No matter for what reasons, after you do the factory reset, all you data on the device are erased. So, what if you forget to backup some important data before you perform the factory reset? This article will tell you how to recover data after factory reset Android Samsung Galaxy phones.

It is easy to recover deleted data from your Galaxy phones after your do the factory reset. The tool you can use is this Android Data Recovery, which can read the files deleted from the internal storage on your device and recover them.

About Android Data Recovery:
1. Can recovery deleted text messages, videos, audios, contacts, documents, whatsapp chat history, etc.
2. Support Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, and the latest S6
3. Read-only, risk-free

Tips: If you want to recover photo, videos, or other files from the memory card inside your phone, you can try this Data Recovery, which is able to recover various files from the memory card with ease.

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Buy Now$32.47 (35% off)
Buy Now$32.47 (35% off)

How to Recover Data After Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6

Note: Before perform the recovery, you need root your phone to let the Android Data Recovery to access the internal memory.

Step 1. Download the Android data recovery

Free download the Android data recovery to your computer first, install it. Connect your Galaxy phone to the computer with the USB cable.
samsung galaxy s6 data recovery

Step 2. Enable USB debugging

Next, you need to enable USB debugging to let the software identify your device. For different Android OS versions, the process is different, but do not worry about that, all instructions are written in the window, just follow the steps to enable USB debugging. After that, click Scan to scan the device.
recover data after factory reset android

Step 3. Recover deleted data

At last, when the scan is over, all files found on your device will be organized in categories in the left sidebar, you can preview the text contents such as text messages, contacts, whatsapp messages, etc. before recover them. Finally, select the files you need, and click Recover to restore them from your device.
recover data after factory reset

free download_win
free download_mac


Buy Now$32.47 (35% off)
Buy Now$32.47 (35% off)
Note: Both the Android Data Recovery and the Data Recovery recommended here can only recover files that are not overwritten by new data; if the deleted files are overwritten by new files, you cannot recover them anymore with either of them. So, stop using your phone once you perform the factory reset and find solution to recover data after factory reset as soon as possible.

  • John L

    Hi, Can this Android Data Recovery put back the text messages to my Galaxy S5? I tested the trial version and see it find some deleted text messages on my S5, but I am wondering if this program can put the recovered SMS to the phone. Thanks.

    • smartiphonerecovery

      Sorry, but this software cannot put back the recovered files to the Galaxy S5, you can try the Mobile Transfer to transfer data from computer to your S5. Hope it helps.

  • Kushal

    Does this work for Samsung note 5?

  • AMDDude

    Does it work successfully for Galaxy S4 AT & T?

  • Ken D

    So, you said it can recover data after factory reset Samsung Galaxy S5, but why some contacts are missing? I did the recovery just as per your steps, but no luck. Whats wrong?

    • So, as long as the program can find some of your contacts, it means the program works. As for why some deleted contacts are missing, it is because that the deleted data is easy to be overwritten by new data, so, the missing contacts that are not found by this Android Data Recovery may be overwritten by new data. Are you clear now? 

  • Roger L

    A good Samsung galaxy s6 data recovery indeed. I used this tool to recover lost files such as videos, photos, texts, etc, it works. Thanks for your software and article here.

    • Thanks for your share your using experience. We are glad our software can help you.

      • Uma

        Hi is there anyone I can personally go and work to recover data from my phone after factory reset in hyderabad india. I need it asap

  • Ken Khong

    can i recover contacts using free trial? or do i have to purchase it? and if i do purchase is it guarantee i can recover contacts after factory reset eventhough i forget to backup the contacts? i am using samsung S5

    • Sure, this program can recover contacts after factory reset. If it fails to find your lost contacts, you can ask refund. 30 days money back guarantee .

  • Devereaux

    I accidently did a factory reset on my Galaxy Note II. Can the recordings created by the Voice Recorder App be recovered?

    • Sorry but we have a long holiday and been back today. This program can recover deleted audios. If it fails to find the recordings, you can ask for refund. 30 days money back guarantee.

      • Devereaux

        Thank you for your reply. Can I recover the deleted audios with the trial version or must I purchase the full version?

        • Sorry but the trial version only shows you the feature of the software but does not allow you to recover lost audios from your device. You need to purchase the full version so that you can recover deleted audios. Good luck.

  • Altaf Khan

    Can you elaborate how to root the device before using this tool? Does it simple mean enabling USB debugging?

    • Did you try our software? It allows you to root your device, just follow as it guides you to root your device.

  • Melissa Oakley

    I am unable to root my device, can I recover my files without rooting?

    • In theory, you cannot. But the free and Pro Android data recovery here can help you root your device. So, do not worry about that. Just give the software a shot.

  • Isabel Hout

    would this be able to work for my LG Optimus L90?

    • As long as it runs Android system, you can use this software to recover your lost data. Enjoy you use!

  • teka

    I did a factory reset on my Galaxy S6 today. I am out of town so how long will I have before my internal storage can’t be recovered? I won’t be home for another 3 days

    • Hi, teka. Do not be worried. For the deleted files’ safety, you’d better stop using your phone from now on. DO NOT add new files such as photos, videos, etc., to the phone memory, or else, the new files may erase the deleted files permanently and make the latter unrecoverable. It is not “how long” makes the storage unrecoverable but the new files do.
      Hope my answer helps.

  • Reagan Strickland

    Hi. My friend’s Samsung Galaxy S3 randomly deleted all of his data, including pictures, contacts, messages, music, etc. I’ve been looking up what could’ve caused it and how to fix it but everything has said to use cloud, but his cloud would never let him back up his stuff, which sounds really weird to be honest. I asked him if he accidentally did the factory reset and he said that he didn’t and he made sure that it wasn’t a factory reset. We don’t know what caused it and I’m asking if this’ll still work if it wasn’t a factory reset. His phone has been messing up lately, he just recently got it back from verizon because it was broken. I just want to know if this’ll still work and how long it’ll take until he can take more pictures and put apps back on his phone.

    • Hi, Reagan. Sorry to hear that. But do not be too worried. There is hope. The program cannot only restore data after factory reset, but can also recover data from Samsung Galaxy S3 directly without backup as long as the files are not overwritten by new data added to the phone. Good luck!

  • king kong

    I have grand 2 and did many factory reset can I restore my data.

  • JD Clatworthy

    Someone typed my phone password in wrong to many times and It reset can I restore stuff like apps and their data.

    • Hi, you can recover data like videos, photos, contacts, text messages, whatsapp messages, etc., but cannot recover apps or their data.

  • Vaibhav Gupta

    my screen was broken…i got it repaired but in meanwhile i forgot my pattern lock…can i recover my gallery lock hidden photos after factory reset……those hidden data is very precious to me

    • Hi, Vaibhav, you can use this android data recovery to recover photos after factory reset. Just give it a try.

  • Hi, famelor. Rooting your device is necessary before you can recover lost pics. This Android data recovery can recover photos and other data after factory reset in your case. The free trial version can show you what files can be recovered, and if you purchase the software but it fails to recover the files you need, just feel free to request refund.

    • Randa

      Hi Famelor, were you able to figure this out?

  • Lucy

    Hello. I have your same problem. Just wondering if you figured it out 🙂

  • Charlie Spink

    i have rooted my device but it’s still saying I need to get privilege

    • If you have successfully rooted your device and enabled USB debugging, the program will be able to access your phone’s system to scan the lost data.

  • Angela Tshazi

    This worked perfectly! Thank you!!

    • Thanks for your feedback. Glad our software can help you. Enjoy your use.

  • fafz

    I have samsung galaxy s3 and have reset data factory settings i backed up everything but my voice recordings went missing can i get them back?

    • Hi, Fafz. If the voice recordings are not overwritten by other files, you can use Android Data Recovery to recover them. Good luck.

      • Wafaa Hammoud

        They were just recorded straight to my phone ive tried an android data recovery and it didnt work however was a different resource to you and help

        • Hi, the free Android Data Recovery cannot recover lost audio files including voice recordings. You need to purchased the software before you can get the lost audio files back.

  • Maya

    Hi, I have s6 edge and after Software update from some stupid reason I cant unlock my phone, this happened 3 times already. first time I was able to unlock it thru google acoount, second time it unlocked by itself after 24h and 7 tries …and now I have one more atempt to try and the phone will reset. Will I be able to recover my pictures after this? thank you 🙁 Maya

    • Hi,Maya. You can use our software to recover pictures from Samsung galaxy s6 edge after factory reset. Just have a try. Enjoy your use.

      • Maya

        sorry… i just read it… so With trial version program doesnt work? do I have to pay firs and then try again? because I was trying to do it with trial version. thank you

        • Yes, the free trial version cannot recover lost photos. You need purchased the software.

  • Kim

    Do I need to root my s5 to use this. if so how? thank you!

    • Sure, you need to root your S5 before the software can get access to your phone. Our software will guide you to root your device. However, if fails to do that, try OneClickRoot (search on Google) to root your phone.

  • Matthew Walford

    Also, do I have to root my Galaxy S6 to restore the files?

  • Jk

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 that I have been logged out as they cannot recognize my fingerprint and backup pin. I used the private mode to keep some photos. Will there be a possibility to recover it using the free trial?

    • No. You need to purchase the software to recover lost photos from your Galaxy S6.

  • ConSam

    I have a S6 edge, stupidly did a factory reset without saving precious pictures. Downloaded and paid for your program. Told me to root my phone, I tried both suggested programs to do so and both of them keep failing. please help

  • Carlo Walter

    Hi, I have an S4. Lost all the files. I tried Fonelab for Android trial version and when it finished scanning, it only shows pics that are currently on my phone. The lost ones are not detected. Should I purchase the program so the lost pics will also be scanned? I don’t want to waste money though if it still wont be able to scan my deleted pics. Thanks!

    • Hi, Carlo. Yes, you should purchase the software to get back your pictures. The free trial version can only show you what type of files can be recovered. If it fails to recover your pictures, just feel free to ask for refund. I think our software will not let you down. Good luck.

  • Ruby

    Hi, I have Samsung Galaxy S6 and I’ve factory reset my phone but forgot to backup private mode pictures. Can they be recovered without root?

    • Hi. Ruby. Thanks for your question. But you have to root your S6 before you can use our software to recover your lost pictures. You can try iRoot or OneClickRoot to root your S6. Good luck!

      • pk


        Could you temme one thing.. my phone is is damaged due to liquid and i m getting the same repaired. unfortunately i havent taken any back up and all my data will be lost as per the service centre guys. Can u tell me if i can recover all my data with this software and would i have to root it? frankly i dont want to root and all. can it be done without it?

        • Hi, PK.Sorry to hear that. But you have to root your Samsung phone before you can use our Android Data Recovery to restore your lost data. Most important data can be recovery such as photos, text messages, contacts, Whatsapp Messages, and the free trial version can show you the recoverable types of files, so, just give it a try. Good luck.

  • Anto

    I have a samsung Galaxy S6, and my phone did reset factory alone today, i don’t know how, it was in my bag and when i took it it was too late… i have lost all my documents, pictures and videos….
    Would this software will help me to recover all the datas lost?
    Thank you for you help.

    • Hi, Anto. I am sorry to hear that. But you can try our software to get back your lost data including but not limited to the files you mentioned here. Just give it a try. But do remember, do not use your phone before recover your data. Good luck!

  • qazwsx


    I did a factory reset on my Galaxy Alpha yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn’t back up my pictures properly and I lost some very important to me pictures. Even more regrettably I didn’t know that I should stop using my phone all together and I took some new photos and re-installed a number of apps. In the meantime I tried to find traces of my original photos by scanning the phone with different software I found online. None of these could find the photos I had in the phone’s gallery. I see only some photos that were in the WhatsApp and sent through emails.

    Would you know whether your software will be able to find the pics that were in the galery? If not, would you be able to advise whether it will be possible to trace manually at least some of the missing pics?

    Thanks a mill in advance!

    • Hi, did you purchase any software to recover your photos? As far as I know, no freeware can recover lost photos from android devices. Furthermore, since you continued using your phone and took some new photos, added some new apps, I am afraid the deleted photos are overwritten by new data and cannot be recovered anymore. But you can give it a try, anyway, you can request a full refund if it fails to find your pics. Maybe you can find some photos using our software. Good luck.

  • yon

    I did mistake that I erase my phone on android manage web ?how can I restore my file(photo and more)?

    • Hi,yon. You can try the Android Data Recovery to scan your device to find the lost files, and the Data Recovery to scan the memory card if you have. Good luck.

  • adi

    would it recover notes that was deleted after factroy reset?
    s6 active.

  • Prat

    Hi.. My phone got reset this morning and everything is wiped. I want to recover my photos, videos, contacts etc., Can they be recovered. I first thought it is just restarting, but only after opening it fully setting up my gmail account and accepting terms etc., realized its actually reset.. I made couple of calls and 4 or 5 text messages. Will that still wipe of my old memory allowing or not allowing me to reset..

    • Hi, Prat. Sorry to hear that. But do not be worried. You can use the Android Data Recovery to restore your contacts,videos, photos, etc. from the internal storage of your phone, and if you need to recover files from the memory card, you are recommended to use Data Recovery instead which is more powerful. Good luck.

      Calls and text messages can only erase little data, do not worry about that.

  • Prat

    I meant recover in the last line

  • Donald

    Hi, I tried using your software on my galaxy s5 tmobile but is not reading it. Is ur software limited to some network phone?

  • Nathan Carter

    I Actually Factory Reset My Phone but have important Document there And Text Messages will this Software work To recover the Text messages they are Super important that i get them back.

    i have a s6 Edge i also tried using smart switch as i had a couple of message on old phone i got them but i really need the other ones aswell

    • Hi. Our Android data recovery can help you get back lost text messages after factory reset. You can give it a try. Good luck.

  • Kim Melendy Gallagher

    Hello, i had to do a factory reset on my samsung s6 edge plus, the problem is i cannot get back into my phone the screen is frozen, verizon is sending me a new phone, i was hoping to recover a few videos from Christmas but is all my stuff gone because i cannot access the phone it was on ?

    • Sure. The videos are still there , they are not gone because you cannot access the phone. You can use our software to get back the lost videos easily.

  • Muhammad Armano Hakiim

    I factory reset my phone due to bootloop (sorry for that) and I want to get my older files back so bad.