Summary: If you lose data after factory your Galaxy Note phone, and want to get them back, you can try FileRescure Android Data Recovery to recover data after factory reset Samsung Galaxy Note 5 /4/3/2. This tool can recover text messages, photos, contacts, videos, and more from your phone.

“Hi, guys. Is it possible to recover lost photos from Galaxy Note 4 after factory reset? I performed factory reset on my Note 4 yesterday, but found I forgot to back up some important photos, and now, they are missing. Can I recover them and how? Your help will be appreciated! “—Lucas

So, do you know how to restore data after factory reset Galaxy Note phones? Here, I would like to introduce a simple way to you.

Recover Data from Galaxy Note 5/4/3/2 with Android Data Recovery: Android Data Recovery is a powerful that can recover various files on Android devices. With the help of this tool, you can recover videos, photos, contacts, text messages, etc., from Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Note 4 /3/2 with ease. Below is how.

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How to Recover Data After Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 5 /4/3/2

Step 1. Download and install the Android Data Recovery

Firstly, you need to download and install the Android Data Recover to your computer. Mac version is available now, therefore, even you are a Mac user, you can get lost data from your Note phone.
recover data after factory reset Samsung galaxy note

Step 2. Connect your phone to the program

Next, connect your Galaxy Note phone to your computer with the USB cable. Make sure your phone can be recognized by your computer.

Step 3. Enable USB debugging

Then, you will need to enable USB debugging so that the program can detect your phone, and get access to the system of your Note.
usb debugging

Step 4. Scan your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 /4/3/2

After the Android data recovery recognizes your Galaxy Note, you can click Scan button to scan your device. This process may take a while since the program will scan all files on your phone. Just have a cup of tea during the process.
scan android

Step 5. Recover data after factory reset Samsung Galaxy Note 5 /4/3/2

In the end, after the scan is over, all deleted files found on your device will be categorized in the left panel. You can preview photos, text messages, contacts, etc. to choose which ones to recover. After select files you need, click Recover button to restore lost data from your phone.
preview recovery

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Recover Data from Galaxy Note Memory Card

If you lose data from the memory card inside your Note, no matter due to what reasons, as long as the card is not broken, and you did not add new files to the card, you can recover them with FileRescure Data Recovery. Here is how.

Step 1. Connect your memory card to your computer

To do this, you can remove the card from your phone or directly connect your Note to your computer. Make sure the card is detected by the computer.

Step 2. Select a recovery mode to get back the lost data

There are four modes to recover lost data, you can try the first mode to restore your data. If it failed, you can try another three modes.

Step 3. Scan the memory card

Next, click Start scan to scan the memory card after you choose recovery mode. As the program will scan all files on your phone, the scanning process may take a while.

Step 4. Preview and restore lost data

At last, after the program completes scan, it will list all files found on your card on the left panel. You can preview them and select the files you need. In the end, click Recover button to restore the lost data from the memory card.

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  • Stefen Chou

    Good software. It helps me. Thanks.

  • Shy8177

    Hello, I have Galaxy note 3. I did a factory reset about 4 days ago. I have already downloaded app and taken a couple of pictures. Is there any way to recover internal photos not saved to my SD card?

    • Hi, Shy. Thanks for choosing our software. You just need to use the Android Data Recovery to recover the photos in your internal storage. Good luck.

  • Anas

    I have Samsung Note 2. A couple of days ago I made a factory reset (wipe all user data) from the booting screen. I’ve tried all programs but nothing seems to work. I was told that this procedure is made to make it impossible to recover data. Can this program do what experts told me can’t be done?

    • HI, I think so. You can give it a try. As long as the lost data is not overwritten by new files, you can use this tool to get back them. But you need to purchase the software to restore lost pictures, videos, etc. The free version can show you some recoverable contents but not all. You can ask for refund if the program fails to find what you need.

  • Summer

    Hi, I have Samsung Note 3, I factory reset about 5 days ago. I have already download app & take new photo (I have backup my new data). So may i know this software can help me find back the data (and I didn’t have SD card)? Or any best suggestion to me? PLEASE I NEED HELP

    • Hi. Summer. Thanks for your question. But I have to tell you that, any new operation and new data may overwritten deleted data, but that is only “May” but not “Will”, so, it is possible to get back your lost data with our software, but there may be something missing because they may be overwritten by new data.

      • Summer

        is okay.thanks

  • Jennifer

    So… I lost some pictures on my Note 3 Android phone. They were in the hidden album and somehow got deleted. They are no where to be found on my phone. if I used the data recovery, would I be able to get those photos back?
    They are very important. My pregnancy photos mostly. Please help me!!

    • Hi, jennifer. Firstly, please make sure where the photos were deleted. If they are deleted from your phone storage, you need Android Data Recovery; if the photos are deleted from the memory card, you can use our Data Recovery. Hope our software can help you.
      Do remember, do not use your phone before you recover the lost photos.