Summary: Do not panic if you lose contacts when your iPhone is water damaged, iPhone Data Recovery can help you recover deleted contacts from water damaged iPhone 6S . 

As we all know, letters for contacting and communication has withdrew from our life for many years. With the rapid development of science and technology in the modern society, we are in favor of iPhone 6S and always enjoy the convince that mobile phone bring to us, as long as you have someone’s contact number, you can take up your iPhone 6S to click his contact number and begin to talk to him or her, no matter how far this people is from you.

As a result, it is obvious that contacts are very necessary to store in your device and so we do. I bet nowadays, no one will be so “hard working” to write the contacts down on the notebook, because that is really troublesome and inconvenient. Everyone are used to directly store the contacts in iPhone 6S.

Here, sometimes unavoidably, trouble comes to you, especially the device is really waterproof as some other electronic products, such as Tank007 flashlights IP68. I mean, it often occurs that our iPhone 6S are water damaged when we bend down in the bathroom, when we go walking along a small river, when we wash our hands in the kitchen, etc. And then you will be crazy about the following results. All the contacts in your device are lost, including your sweetheart’s, your families’, your best friends’, your important customers’, your colleagues’, etc.

“Oh, my god, what a big loss caused by an small accident! Shit!” Ok, good guy, If you are just keeping sad and annoyed about that, than you can only be regretful; But if you come to us, then all this messy condition can be solved with an amazing tool from us—-iPhone Data Recovery.

This tool is absolutely multi-functional and perfect choice for you to save your loss, such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, call history, notes, reminders, bookmarks, music, documents, etc. Do not think that this can just be believable in magic suppositional world, or just think I am fooling you around. You may think how can it recover something that doesn’t exist in your device any more. No, not exactly. Let me explain to you. In fact, your iPhone 6S data have not truly get away from your device, but secretly hidden in some invisible place. What you need to do for recovery is to draw support from outside tool to scan your device and find them out.
Ok, let me tell you how you can make it!

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Water Damaged iPhone 6S

Step 1: Take up seconds to download iPhone Data Recovery and set up this software system in your computer. Then your device need to be connected to computer by USB cable.
Step 2: Focus on your iPhone 6S device and choose ”Recover”, then all the categories of your device turn up.
Step 3: Choose “ Contacts “ category, then click the “Scan “ buttom to scan all your contacts.
Step 4: Carefully selecting the contacts which you think are essential and want to be get back.
Now you can see the surprise. So in the future, no matter how many contacts you have stored in the iPhone 6S and unfortunately your device are water damaged, just follow my above step, then you can be completely satisfied and feel happy again.