Summary: Lost contacts after factory reset your Samsung Galaxy phone? Do not panic, this article will show you how to recover contacts after factory reset Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6

“Hi, I do a factory reset to my Galaxy S4, but forget to backup the contacts, which are important to me, can I recover them? How? Thanks for your help in advance.”—Toms

Are you also troubled by such issue? Do not worry, you can recover lost contacts from your Galaxy S4 after factory reset, and what you need is this Android Data Recovery.

Android data recovery is a professional program made to restore data from Android devices, it can recover various files such as videos, photos, contacts, text messages, etc from your Android phones and tablets easily and safely. No matter for what reasons, including but not limited to factory reset, your data are deleted, you can recover them with this program as long as they are not overwritten by new data. So, it is important to stop use your phone if you want to recover contacts after factory reset.

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How to Recover Contacts After Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6

Step 1. Run the Android Data Recovery

Download and install the Android data recovery to your computer, link up your phone to the program with the digital cable.

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Step 2. Scan your phone

Before you scan the device, you need to enable USB debugging, just follow the instructions written in the window to do that. After you enable USB debugging, the software will identify your device and then, click Scan to scan the device. The scanning may take a while for it needs to scan all files saved on your phone before.

usb debugging

Step 3. Restore contacts after factory reset

Finally, when the scanning process is over, you can go to the folders on the left sidebar to find the contacts you need, select them, and click Recover button to restore them. Now, you have finished recover contacts after factory reset Android.

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1. Backup your important data regularly in case of data loss, though you can recover data from your Samsung Galaxy phones with the Android Data Recovery, not all files or always you can recover them.
2. Stop using your device at once when you lost important data from your device, and perform the recovery as soon as possible.

More about Android Data Recovery

Supported devices: Android devices that run Android 2.3 or above, tablets and phones from but not limited to these brands: Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, Google
Supported contents: text messages, call logs, whatsapp chat history, contacts, photos, documents, videos, and audios

  • This is the cheapest Android Data Recovery I found on the internet. To my surprise, it works! It recover lost contacts from my S5. Thanks.

    • Alan Richmond

      Yes, I was to give a shot on it, but it works! It help me get back some lost photos from my Galaxy S5 as well. So, even the cheapest tool can bring us surprise.

    • smartiphonerecovery

      Glad to know our software helps you. Wish you a good day!
      If there is any question when you use this Android Data Recovery, please let us know.

  • Donald

    Good program. Helped me find many contacts on my Galaxy S5. But it is a pity that it cannot recover all missing contacts, which I know were overwritten by new data. Thanks a lot, anyway.

    • John B

      I also purchased this software. It is helpful to me for I get all contacts back with it. As far as I know, if the missing contacts are not found, they are probably overwritten by new data, so, it is normal that the program cannot recover them.

  • mirza

    its mot working on Samsung s6 and showing message (currently data recovery can not be supported. if you still want to recover your data, please root your device)

    • Hi, thanks for your feedback. Glad this tool can help you recover files from your Samsung Galaxy S6.

  • Saman

    can i use this software for Samsung j2

    • Sure, you can. As long as the Android OS verions is above 2.3, this tool can help you recover lost contacts.