Summary: This article will take printting SMS from Galaxy S3 as example to show you how to print text messages from Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 and S6 with the Galaxy Text Messages Recovery

“Hi. Do you guys know how to print text messages from Galaxy S3? I’ve been using Galaxy S3 for years, and saved quite a lot of text messages on the phone, I am wondering if it possible to export the text messages from the phone, and print them out? “—Lisa

Well, as is known to us, text messages is an important means to communicate with others, the text messages may record some relationship between others and us, especially those from our loved people such as girlfriend, boyfriend, good friends, etc. It is a pity to discard them along with the old Galaxy S3. So, printing text messages from Galaxy S3 is a good method to keep the old SMS. But how to export and print text messages from the phone ? This article will provide an easy method.

As is known to us, the messages on your phone are saved on the internal memory, so, if you need to export the SMS from your Galaxy S3, you need some tool that can enter the internal memory. Here, Android Data Recovery is a good choice. This program can read the files in the internal memory and export them from your device as long you the device is rooted.

About Android Data Recovery
1. Can recover text messages, photos, contacts, and many other files from Android devices
2. Support Samsung Galaxy S, S2,S3,S4, S5 and the latest S6
3. Recover deleted texts from Android devices and save as printable CVS, XML or HTML file

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How to Export and Print Text Messages from Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6

Step 1. Connect your phone to the software

Download and install the Android data recovery to your computer, connect your Galaxy phone to the computer via the digital cable, run the software to let the program detects your phone.

android data recovery

Step 2. Enable USB debugging

You need to enable USB debugging before the software can identify your device:
1. For Android 3.0 to 4.1: tap “Settings” > click “Developer options” > check “USB debugging”
2. For Android 4.2 or newer: tap “Settings” > click “About Phone” > tap “Build number” for several times until getting a note “You are under developer mode” > Back to “Settings” > click “Developer options” > check “USB debugging”.

usb debugging

Step 3. Scan your phone

After the software enters the internal storage, you can click Start Scan to scan your phone for the text messages.

scan android

Step 4. Preview and export SMS from Galaxy phone

After the scan is finished, you are allowed to preview the messages found on your phone, select the items you need, and click Recover to export them from your device, and select a format to save them to your computer.

preview recovery

Step 5. Print text messages from Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6

At last, after you get the printable file contains the text messages you need, you can print the SMS with the printer connected to your computer.

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How to Print Text Messages from Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6
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