Photo loss is quite a common issue nowadays. There are lots of reasons behind losing the photos but it is also important to know whether you can recover the lost pictures or not. Earlier it was very typical to get back the photos but recently Jihosoft has come up with a new tool cum software that is especially designed to recover the photos from your camera.

If you have lost your photos, the only thing is to stop using the camera until you have recovered the pictures. It is because of the reason to prevent any kind of over writing that can hamper the photos.
The best feature of the photo recovery software is that it makes the process easy as well as hassle free. One need not have much technical knowledge still you will be able to perform the process and get your photos back. So if you are all set to recover the photos, just follow the steps given below.

How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from Olympus OM-D E-M10 II
1. You first need to download the photo recovery software that comes for Olympus OM-D E-M10II. Once it is downloaded, just run and install the software. For installation, just follow the instructions which come before you.
2. Then you need to connect the camera or its memory card to the computer. You can use the card reader or the data cable for the connection so that the same appears on the drive of the computer. Then select the option to scan the camera or the memory card.
3. When you use that option, all the files will appear before you. It will contain both the photos as well as the videos. Using the preview option, you can easily view the stuff and select whichever files you want to recover.
4. Once all the files are selected, just click on the option “recover”. Within few minutes you will be able to recover all the selected pictures as well as videos.
So you can say that the entire process of recovering the photos or the videos is quite easy. If you follow the instructions carefully you will be able to get back your pictures in no time.

Also there is nothing much to be done except the installation of the photo recovery software. Just try this process and you will certainly be successful in recovering whatever stuff you have lost either due to corrupt memory card, abrupt deletion of the photos or any other reason.

About Olympus OM-D E-M10 II

E-M10 Mark II powerful strength include: the first is the built-in 5-axis image vibration correcting capability provides 4 earthquake, and then mixing the digital anti-shock technology combined into one, even in the case of hand-held filming shade have a stable image quality, edge take the side to shoot is not a problem; the second point is the first door is equipped with a shutter function AF Pad touchpad, just a fingertip touch screen, real-time high-speed focus on the subject, convenience is greatly improved, and continuous shooting up to 8.5fps; the third point is the built-in 2.36 million as OLED viewfinder with 100% field of view and 1.23X high magnification, enough to surpass the optical viewfinder viewfinder quality entry-level SLR camera; the fourth point is to support a large number of creative effects model, including 14 kinds of Art Filters Art Filters, Photo Story story together, advanced Live Bulb and Live Time and Live Composite shooting mode synthesis,