One Click to Transfer Data from Mobile to Mobile

  • Transfer contacts, text messages, photos, music, videos between iPhone/iPad/iPod, Nokia, Android, BlackBerry with one click
  • Backup your data on your current phone to PC and transfer the data to your new phone later
  • Keep your data safe after backup your important messages, photos, etc. to PC
  • Transfer the data on your old phone to iPhone or Android phones with ease
  • Transfer iTunes playlist and music to Android devices, and retrieve iTunes Backup and transfer contacts, text messages, photos, video, etc. to any supported mobile device
  • Permanently erase your data before you selling or donating your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android phones.
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Data Supported to Transfer Between iOS, Android and Nokia Sybian System

Mobile Transfer can smoothly and safely transfer content between iOS, Android and Nokia Symbian devices. Moreover, when transfering contacts, it transfers not only the names and phone numbers, it can also moves job title, email address, company name, and more.

contacts Text Messages Video Photos Audio Call history Apps Calendar
Android to Android Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
iOS to Android Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Nokia to Android, iOS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Android,iOS to iOS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Android,iOS to Nokia Yes No No No No No No No
Nokia to Nokia Yes No No No No No No No

Guide 1: How to Transfer Data Between Phones

Step 1: Connect two mobile phones to your computer

After run this Mobile Transfer software, click Start to enter the phone to phone transfer window. And then, connect your Android, iOS, or Nokia phones to the computer via USB cables. Soon the software will detect your phones automatically. After that, the window below will show.


Step 2. Start to transfer data from phone to phone

Next, you will see the data that can be transferred listed in the middle.  Mark those you need, and click Start Copy, then they will be  fully copied to your destination phone.

Note: Not all data can be transferred from or to certain phones, read the table above before your try to transfer data between phones.

free download_win$39.95free download_mac$39.95

Guide 2: How to Backup and Restore Phone Data

Step 1: How to backup data to computer

Run the Mobile Tramsfer and connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable. Then choose Backup option in the home Menu, you will come to the Backup Panel. Check the data you want to backup, and then hit Start Copy. The mobile transfer will backup the selected contents to your computer.


Step 2: Restore saved backup data to your phone

Anythime you want to restore the data you saved to on your computer to your phone, you only need the help of the Mobile Transfer.  Run this software and connect your phone to the computer, select Restore option from the Home Menu while your phone is detected. In its drop down list, select a backup file format. After you locate the saved backup file that you wish to restore to your phone, click Start Copy to transfer the contents from the backup file to the target phone.
Now, this Mobile Transfer is able to restore backups made by iTunes, Samsung Kies (3), and those made by iteself with ease.

In addition, it also allows you to transfer iTunes playlist to the devices that supported.

Guide 3: Erase Data from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android Phones Permanently

Step 1. Connect your device to your computer

Firstly, launch the Mobile Transfer and then connect your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad/Android device to your computer. After the homepage window appears, click Erase Your Old Phone. This will bring up the data erasing window.


Step 2. Start to erase data on your phone

Next, click Erase Now button on the lower-right corner, a  dialog  will come out. Read the tips and enter “delete” in the box. Then, click Start to erase to erase all of your data from your old iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Android device.

free download_win$39.95free download_mac$39.95