Sometimes, people may need to restore iPhone cal history. Fortunately,to carry out this recover is quite easy now. What we need is only an iPhone data recovery, which can be used as a handy and practical iPhone call history recovery tool. This article will show you how to recover call history from iPhone.

iPhon call history recovery provides two methods to restore lost call logs: one is to recover call logs from iPhone directly, and the other is to restore lost call history from iTunes backup. The article below will walk you through these two ways.

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  • Part 1: Scan the iPhone to find deleted call history on iPhone
  • Part 2: Restore iPhone call logs from iTunes backup

Part 1: Directly scan your iPhone to recover deleted call history from iPhone without backup

This method works well under this condition: you delete the call logs not long ago, and you did not use too extensive since the call logs were deleted. If the deleted call history is overwritten by new data, no tools can recover them anymore.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the software

Firstly, download and install the iPhone data recovery to your computer, run it. Connect your device to the software via a USB cable. And thee, select Recover from iOS device mode. For iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C, you will see the interface below:


If your are trying to restore call history from iPhone 4/3GS, you will see this interface:


Step 2. Scan your device

After your device is successfully connected, you can start to scan your device. This iPhone call history recovery can directly scan iPhone 4S and the later versions, but, to scan iPhone 4 and 3GS, you need to follow the steps shown in the window below, and donwload a plugin before your start the first step there.  Just do as required in the window, and after the software enters the scanning mode, it will scan your device automatically.


As all data on your device will be scanned, the scanning process may take a while. You can have a cup of coffee when the program scans your device.

Step 3. Preview and recover deleted cal history from iPhone

Finally, after the scan, all data found on your iPhone will be displayed in the folders in the left side. Go the the Call history folder to find the numbers you need, and click Recover button to save them to your computer.


When you select the numbers in the call history, you can also select some other files, such as text messages, videos, photos, etc. You may be excited when you find the files that were deleted long time ago.

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Part 2: Recover iPhone call history from iTunes backup

This method requres you have made backup before you deleted the call logs on iPhone.

Note: do not sync your device to iTunes if you delete call hostory, or the update will delete data inside the bakcup.

Step 1. Choose recovery mode

Firstly, start the iPhone call history recovery on your PC. Click the second mode “Recover from iTunes Backup Files” mode to start the recovery process. All bacups on your computer will be displayed soon.


Step 2. Scan the backup for iPhone call history

Next, select the backup you want to retrieve deleted iPhone call logs from, and click Start Scan to find lost call history.

Step 3. Preview and recover lost iPhone call logs

At last, when the scanning is over, you can preview the recoverable call logs, mark those you need, and hit Recover at last to retrieve iPhone call history from iTunes backup.


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How to Recover Deleted Call History on iPhone