Summary: This article will walk you through how to view iPhone backup files such as text messages, photos, contacts, notes, etc. with the iPhone backup viewer.

“Hi. In case of data loss, I am told to backup my iPhone to iTunes regularly. But I find I can’t access iPhone backup files. I think I did something wrong or miss something, but cannot figure out the solution. So, how to view iPhone backup files? I am a new iPhone user, please forgive my ignorance. Thanks for your help in advance. “—Martin

Well, it is just quite common that new iPhone users do not know files in iTunes are not accessible. So, if you need to view iPhone backup files, you need a third-part software to help you. Here, I get a solution: the iPhone backup viewer, which allows you to view files in the backup and extract them from the backup selectively if there is a need.

In fact, this iPhone Backup viewer is a comprehensive iPhone Data Recovery, which is able to access and extract files from iTunes and iCloud backup safely and easily. With the help of this program, you cannot only view the backup files, but also restore them from the backup if you lost files from your iPhone.

About iPhone Backup Viewer
1. Fully compatible with all iOS devices and the iTunes backup of all iOS versions
2. Selective extract files from iTunes backup files
3. Can download and restore files from iCloud backup safely and selectively

The article below will show you how to view iTunes backup and iCloud backup files one by one. Just read the specific part according to your need.
Note: Both Mac and Windows versions share similar features, so, no matter you are a Mac user or Windows user, you can follow the steps below to view your iPhone backup.

Part 1: How to View iTunes Backup

Step 1. Select recovery mode

Firstly, download and install the iPhone backup viewer to your computer, run it. You will be lead to the first recovery mode “Recover from iOS device” by default, switch to the second recover mode to recover from iTunes backup files.

Step 2. Scan the backup files

After the program enters the recovery mode, it will show all the backups on your computer, select the one you want to view your files, click Start Scan to scan the backup. All files you backup before will be scanned, so, the scanning may take a while. Just wait a moment.

Step 3. View your iPhone backup files

Finally, after the scanning is over, all the files you saved in the backup will be organized in categories in the left sidebar, you can preview videos, text messages, contacts, call logs, notes, etc. If you need to restore them, just select the items you need, and click Recover to extract them from the backup.

Part 2: How to View iCloud Backup

Step 1. Run the iPhone Backup Viewer

Launch the iPhone backup viewer software after you install it to your computer, switch to the third recovery mode “Recover from iCloud backup files” to proceed. Then, you will need to log in your iCloud account. Do not worry about leaking any of your personal information or data you saved in your iCloud, this software does not keep a record of your Apple account or the data inside the backup.

Step 2. Scan the backup

Next, download the backup which you want to view and click Scan to scan the backup. Wait till the scan is finished.

Step 3. View the iCloud backup

At last, when the scan is completed, you can view the recoverable files found on the backup. Select the files you need, hit Recover button to restore them if you need.