The Apple iPhone 6S has become the cynosure of all eyes with amazing capabilities bundled on a platter. True to its reputation, the organization has included RAM and is studded with security features to ward off the virus attacks. Since its inception, the phone has created tremendous craze among the loyal apple followers. Single press 3D touch invokes the screen into life and you can manage the features in an easy and hassle free manner.
After the invention of Multi touch, the arrival of 3D touch as made the user interface friendly and visually appealing. You can perform the tasks on a fly and feel a sense of depth while pressing on the icons on the screen. With 12MP camera, crystal clear images could be snapped using the phone in an impeccable manner. In hindsight, the phone also captures brilliant HD videos with resolution 4 times of that of conventional 1080p configuration. Live Photos is an amazing feature of the phone because you can use it to remember the memories that are gone forever.
One of the most important aspects of the phone is the advanced chip which is included in the set up. It is custom designed and boasts of 64 Bit data rate. Complex graphics are displayed on the screen without exerting too much load on the processor. As far as GPU is concerned, it delivers 90% better performance. Therefore, iPhone 6S is a class apart when compared to the competition.
Another factor that can set up pulse racing is the material from which the smart phone is created. It is constructed with the help of a novel alloy of aluminum used in making aero plane components. The Gold finish transforms the phone into a wonderful creation of art. The screen is 4.7 inches in dimension and is also equipped with Retina HD display attributes.
To make the device secure, the fingerprint sensor is included with the Smartphone. Therefore, locking and unlocking the phone has become a supremely easy task. When you are connecting I phone 6S to the network, it is bound to provide higher data speed due to the presence of ultra WI-FI capabilities. Powered By IOS 9 operating system, the user can easily avail the features without any hassles. It is considered as one of the most secure operating systems on the planet. Hence, you may not have to worry about the hackers or malicious programs sneaking into the system.

More robust housing – all kinds of benefits, and other important factors have increased the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus weight is a more robust 7000 series aluminum alloys. Leak case has been tested in the video display strength has been greatly improved.
Apple A9 chips running speed –iPhone have become faster and faster every year, new this year is no exception. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be equipped with Apple’s next-generation A9 chip, central processor and graphics processor performance have been enhanced.
–A9 Chip memory increases compared with last year’s iPad Air 2 equipped A8x chip only slightly, while the new iPhone memory doubled to 2GB LPDDR4 can say is more important. Air 2 released last year, also jumped to 2GB of memory. Increase in memory is very important for strengthening the new iPhone multi-tasking capability.
Touch ID upgrade – now, thanks to Samsung (Samsung) and other manufacturers to provide a fast and accurate fingerprint sensor, Apple hopes with the new generation of Touch ID one step ahead again. The company believes that the new generation of Touch ID will be the market’s fastest and most accurate fingerprint sensor.