Summary: Do not worry about the lost text messages now. You can use Android Data Recovery to recover deleted text messages from Android device with ease, even you did not made backup before.

Nowadays most of the people are using Android phones which are not only user friendly but smart as well. Although these are easy to use devices but sometimes you may lose your text messages or other data from it. In such a case, you need to stop using the device and ensure that nothing is done or else you may not get back the text messages. If you are really worried and are looking for ways to retrieve the messages, you can follow the below given steps and you will be able to accomplish the purpose.

To recover deleted text messages from Android, you need an Android Data Recovery to help you. FileRescure Android Data Recovery is an easy-operated program that can help you to recover all the kinds of deleted files in your android device. One point we need to clear is that why such a program can help you to solve the trouble. Actually, the deleted data have not been really completely deleted from your device. They just stay in some hidden place in your device. Android Data Recovery just helps you to find them out.

So let’s understand these steps one by one and follow them correctly.

Step 1.  Download the android text message recovery and install it to your computer

In order to restore the text messages, you first require the software called Android data recovery. Just download this software and install it properly. Just follow the installation instructions and you will be able to install it in the right way.

Step 2 . Connect your device to the android data recovery

Now connect your Android device with the computer via USB cable. As the connection is established you will be able to view the device on your computer.

Step 3. Enable USB debugging

Enabling the USB debugging is crucial as it will help in getting back the messages. This is done via following steps, Settings – About Phone – Build Number. Start tapping on it until you find a message as “your device is now under developer mode”. Then go to Settings – Developer options – USB debugging.

Step 4. Scan your android device

Enable it and scan the device so that a connection is established with the computer.

Step 5. Preview and recover deleted text messages from Android

Now you will find a number of options including the text messages as well. Just select the type of file you wish to retrieve and go ahead. Click on restore button and your text messages will be saved on your computer. You can also select all in case you have lost everything from your phone.

With the help of the above steps you will definitely be able to restore back the messages in no time. You only have to follow the above steps and proceed. One will be able to get back the data in a hassle free way thus putting an end to all your problems. So next time you lose the text messages or any other data from the device, just perform these steps and you will be able to restore all the type of files possible onto your computer. Hope you benefit from this information and get back the lost data without any problem.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android
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  • Jesson

    Your software may helpful to me, but why some photos are missing after the program finish scanning my Samsung Galaxy S4? Is it really able to recover deleted text messages from Android?

    • I understand your worries. But it is normal that some files may be overwritten by other files, which may cause the deleted text messages cannot be recovered anymore. That’s why this Android data recovery cannot recover all missing text messages. But this program is really able to recover deleted text messages from Android. This feature is tested by tens of thousands of users.