Summary: Android Photo Recovery is the best tool to recover deleted photos from Android Internal storage, and Photo Recovery can retrieve photos from Android Memory card.

In the past, people have no way to record nice moments and scenery that happen in their daily life. They can only keep those in their mind. But as time went by, they will forget many things. That’s really great regret actually. But nowadays, we do not need to worry about this, because we have android phones, which we can use it to take photos of our life anytime and anywhere. No matter what happy or sad moments, or what beautiful scenery we want to record, what we need to do is just take out our android phones, and take photos. Android phones really make our daily life more wonderful and bring us many beautiful memories of our past days.

However, one thing about android photos happened in me last month really made me mad. Actually, I graduated from university this July. At that departing time, I had taken many photos at my graduation party with my teachers and classmates, especially my several best friends. In the past several months, I am far away from all of them now, so I often took these photos out to have a look and they can really ease my miss for my good friends with my Samsung Galaxy S5. But you know what, because of my incorrect operations last week, all my photos in my android phone were deleted by accident. All of those photos filled with my beautiful memories have gone away. I was nearly mad at that moment. Thanks to my colleagues’ kind advice and recommendation of a powerful tool called Android Data Recovery, a practical Android Photo Recovery, I successfully handle this issue: I used it to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S5 phone successfully. This tool really saved me from deep sadness and regret. Here, I also recommend it to you, my dear friends. Hope this can also help you to get your lost valuable photos back.

First of all, I think I need to tell you why your lost photos can recover deleted photos from Android after accidental loss. As we all know, many reasons can cause your android data loss, such as incorrect operation, Factory resetting, phone dropped in water, flashing ROM, rooting, etc. But one truth you need to know is that your photos have not really lost and deleted. On contrary, they just hide in one place in your android that you can not see visibly, like your android internal storage. Android Photo Recovery is a very good tool that can help you scan all the data in your device, including the visible and invisible data, and recover your deleted photos to be back to original, not damaged at all.

How to recover deleted photos from Android with Android Phto Recovery

Step 1: Download, install and start the program

Download the software from this link: Android Data Recovery to your computer. It’s easy for you to just follow the installation steps and you can finish the seemly complicated task within several minutes. When you completely finish the installation, the software will be and started and run automatically.

Step 2: Connect device to PC by USB and enable USB debugging

Take out your USB cable to connect your android device to computer correctly. Very easily done. Enable USB debugging. Otherwise the software will fail to recognize your android phone. USB debugging allows third-party programs to access the internal of your device connected. It is just an advanced feature of Android system. So please take high attention to this step, which can decide you whether can go to the next step.

Step 3: Scan the device and analyze all the Android data

As soon as your device has been recognized by the program, just to click the “Start” button and your device attached to the computer can be analyzed at once. This process will take about 15 minutes. So you need to make sure the battery life can last at least 20 minutes, and pls do not connect any other device to the computer anymore.

Step 4: recover deleted photos from Android

After finishing scanning and analysis, all your lost photos and other items can be listed and organized in a tree structure. It’s time for you to preview and select what photos you want to get back. Simply choose them out and click on the Recover button after your careful selection. Finally, just choose a local path to store all the photos you want. Recovery also need to take several minutes, so do not be in a hurry. Just wait and then you can see the big surprise.

From what have been stated above, we can easily see that it’a really not a difficult thing for you to recover your lost photos in your android phone, as long as you have this tool. And not only lost photos, but also any other lost data on your Android, like contacts, messages, videos, etc. If you do not believe in me, why not have a try?

  • Stefen Chou

    You shared a good software here. Thanks for your share. It works on my Samsung Galaxy S6.