“Hello, I thought I can extract photos from iPhone backup (iTunes), but I am wrong, the files cannot be viewer at all. How to extract photos from the backup? I deleted some photos from my iPhone, thinking I can find them on the backup, but I cannot now. Please help. “—Susan

Well, many iPhone users now know this fact: the files on iTunes are not accessible, they are not readable! So, you cannot extract photos selectively from the backup at all. But do not worry, you can use other tools to do the job. Here, iPhone Data Recovery is my recommendation.

iPhone data recovery is a powerful tool to recover lost data from iPhone, with this program, you can extract photos from iPhone backup with ease.
1. Can extract photos from iTunes backup selectively
2. Support selective extract photos from iCloud backup
3. Read-only, risk-free

So, no matter you backup your photos to iTunes or iCloud, you can use this program to extract the photos from the backup. See the detailed steps below.

How to Extract Photos from iPhone Backup

Part 1: Extract iPhone photos from iTunes Backup

Step 1. Run the iPhone Data Recovery
Download and install the iPhone backup extractor to your computer first, and then, launch the software, choose to recover from iTunes backup files mode.

Step 2. Scan the backup
The software will display all backups on your computer after it enters to the recovery mode, select the one which you want to extract photos from, click Scan to scan the backup files. The scan may take a while for the software will scan all files on the backup, just wait for a moment.

Step 3. Preview and extract photos from iTunes backup
After the scan, all recoverable files will be listed on the left sidebar, go to the photo folder to preview the photos, mark the ones you need, hit Recover to extract them from the iTunes backup.

Part 2: Extract photos from iCloud backup

Step 1. Select recovery mode
Run the iPhone data recovery, switch to the third tab “Recover from iCloud Backup Files” mode to move one. Then log in your iCloud account.

Note: Do not worry about your personal data, we will never keep a record of any your Apple account info or content at any time during your sessions.

Step 2. Scan the backup
After your login your iCloud account, this iPhone backup extractor will show you backups in your iCloud account, select the one you need to recover photos from, and click Download and select file types in the next dialogue to download the files to your computer. After that, click Scan button to scan the backup files.

Step 3. Extract photos from iCloud backup
After the scan, you are allowed to preview the photos found on the iCloud backup, tick those you need, and click Recover to restore them from the backup.

So, till now, do you know how to extract photos from iPhone backup? Just have a try yourself now!

More about the iPhone data recovery
1. Can recover text messages, videos, photos contacts, notes, call logs, whatsapp messages, etc. up to 19 types of files from iPhone
2. Support all iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch
3. Provides three ways to recover lost files