“Hello, I backup the contacts on my iPhone 5 to the iTunes before, but now, I cannot find them on the iTunes, why? I deleted some contacts from my iPhone by mistake, how to extract contacts from iPhone backup instead of restore from the whole backup? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.”—Alex

Almost every iPhone user knows that it is easy to backup data from the iPhone to iTunes, but few of them know that the files on iTunes are not accessible, that is, you cannot read the files stored on the iTunes. So, if you need to selectively extract files from the backup, you need some special tool the help you. Here, I get a recommendation: iPhone Data Recovery, which is a perfect iTunes and iCloud backup extractor.

About iPhone Data Recovery
1. Extract all files you backup to iTunes safely and easily
2. Can also extract files from iCloud backup
3. Supports to recover files for all iPhones from the backup.

How to Extract Contacts from iPhone Backup

Part 1: Extract contacts from iTunes backup
Step 1. Select recovery mode
Download and install the iPhone Data Recovery to your computer first, run it, in the main interface, select recover from iTunes backup files mode

Step 2. Scan the backup
After the software enters the recovery mode, it will show all backups on your computer. Select the one which you want to extract contacts from, and click Start Scan to scan the backup for the contacts.

Step 3. Preview and extract contacts from iTunes backup
After the scan is completed, all files found on the backup will be organized in the left sidebar, go to the Contacts folder, you can preview the recoverable contacts, select the ones you need, hit Recover to extract them from the backup files.

Part 2: Extract Contacts from iCloud Backup files
If you backup the iPhone contacts to iCloud before, you can also use this iPhone data recovery to extract them from iCloud backup. Below is how.

Step 1. Run the iPhone backup extractor
Select recover from iCloud backup mode after you run this iPhone backup extractor. And then, login to your iCloud account to proceed.

Note: Do not worry about your privacy, we never keep a record of any your Apple account info or content at any time during your sessions.

Step 2. Download and scan your iCloud backup
After you are logged in your iCloud account, this software will show all your iCloud backup files, select the one you want to recover contacts from, and Click “Download”. And then, the program will ask you to choose the file types you need to download, which can reduce the downloading time. After that, click Scan button to scan the backup files.

Step 3. Preview and extract contacts from iCloud backup
The scan will be completed in a short while. After that, you can preview the recoverable contacts in the Contacts folder on the left sidebar. Tick the items you need, and click Recover button to extract them from your iCloud backup.

So, the passage above talked about two ways to extract contacts from iPhone backup, if you have any questions, feel free to contacts us or leave your comment below; we will reply you as soon and detailed as possible.