Hi, I want to export the contacts from my iPhone 5 to print them out, but cannot figure out how. I need to print all the details of the contacts. Thanks for your help.

Many people feel it difficult to export and print the iPhone contacts after they try the iTunes, but indeed, it is not a big deal now. With the help of this program-iPhone data recovery, this problem can be solved with ease.

This iPhone data recovery can read both deleted and existing contacts on your iPhone and the iTunes backup, and then displays all details you saved to the contacts, including names, phone numbers, company’s name, email address, etc. You can export and save iPhone contacts in CSV/HTML format and then print contacts from iPhone.

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How to Export And Print Contacts from iPhone

Step 1. Run the iPhone data recovery

Download and install the iPhone data recovery to your computer first, and then, connect your iPhone to the software with the USB cable, launch this software, in the home window, select recover from iOS device mode

Step 2. Scan your iPhone

After your iPhone is connected to the software, you can click Start Scan to scan your device for the contacts

Step 3. Preview and export the contacts

The iPhone data recovery will show all contacts including the deleted items after the scan in the result, you can preview them and tick those you need, click Recover button to export them from your iPhone to save in HTML or CVS format, which are perfect to print.

Step 4. Print contacts from iPhone

Finally, after you export the contacts from your iPhone and save them to HTML or CVS format, you can print them directly with your printer connected to your computer.

So, that’s all you need to do to export and print contacts from iPhone. If you backup the contacts to iTunes or iCloud, this tool can also help you extract the contacts from the backup files, see details below:

How to Extract and Print iPhone Contacts from Backup

Step 1. Run the iPhone data recovery

Launch the iPhone data recovery on your computer, select recover from iTunes backup files mode or from iCloud backup files mode

Step 2. Scan the backup

Next, select the backup to scan for the contacts

Step 3. Preview and export the contacts from the backup files

After the scan, go to the scan result to find the contacts you need, select the ones you need to export as HTML or CVS format
Step 3. Print iPhone contacts from backup
Finally, you can print the file you export from the backup directly with the printed connected to your computer.

How to Export and Print Contacts from iPhone
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