Summary: In this article, you will learn how to copy photos from iPhone to Mac(Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, etc.)

“I take some photos with my iPhone 4S, and want to copy them to my Mac, but I seems not  able to do that. How can I copy photos from iPhone to Mac? I am new to iPhone, please excuse my ignorance. Thanks for your advice in advance.”

This problem may have happened to many new iPhone users. As is known to us, iOS system does not allow to transfer data from the device to computer directly. You need some third-party software to help you. Here, I get a good suggestion: Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is a specially designed tool for mobile users to transfer data between devices. Aside from transferring data between iOS devices to Mac, it can also transfer data between Android devices, Nokia, BlackBerry, etc.. Therefore, it could be a great tool to copy photos from iPhone to Mac for your.

Difficulty to use this tool? No, it is very easy to use. Thanks to the intuitive interface, this software can be easily handle without any special skills. Only three simple steps can help you copy photos from your device to your Mac.

The free version of Mobile Transfer is available, just download it and have a try first.

free download_win
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How to Copy Photos from iPhone to Mac

Step 1. Connect your device to the software

At beginning, install and run the free iPhone photo to Mac transfer tool to your Mac, run it. In the home menu, click Backup Option, then you will come to the backup panel. Connect your device to the computer via a USB cable. Soon the software will detect your device. After your iPhone is successfully connected, it will be displayed in the left panel.


Step 2. Select photos to copy

Next, after your device is connected, all files that can be copied will be listed in the middle window. Select photos. If you want to copy other files, you only need to check the box before the file types. Then proceed.


Step 3. Copy photos from iPhone to Mac

At last, click Start Copy to copy photos to your Mac computer. This process may take a while if you get  a lot of photos to copy. During the process, you can have a cup of coffee, or do something else leaving the smart tool to do the job itself.

Step 4. Restore backup to iPhone(Optional)

Aside copying photos from iPhone to Mac, this tool can also restore backup files to your device. The steps are similar to that are talked above: Select Restore from Backup option-Connect your device to the software-select files to restore-copy files to your iPhone.  Anytime you want to restore backup files to your device, this tool is over here and helpful all the time.

Mobile Transfer can only transfer existing files on your device, if you deleted photos from your iPhone by accident, there is a solution for you to get them back: iPhone Data Recovery. With the help of this tool, you can easily recover deleted photos from iPhone with and without backup.

free download_win
free download_mac