Summary:Have difficulty in copying photos from iPad to Mac? Do not worry, with the Mobile Transfer, you can copy photos from iPad to Mac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air,etc.with ease.

It seems a little difficult for me to copy photos from iPad to Mac. I take some photos with my iPad 2, and want to copy them to my Mac computer, but have no luck. I am a new iPad users, and have no idea what the problem is. Can you help me? Any idea will be appreciated.

I guess maybe many iPad users have such a question. Well, iOS device does not support transferring data to computer directly, and vise versa. We need some third-party software to achieve this goal. Here, I get a good proposal: Mobile Transfer. This tool helps you to copy data from iOS device to Mac smoothly. So, here, you can use this program to copy photos from iPad to Mac.

Mobile Transfer is a specially developed tool for mobile users to transfer data between different devices such as iOS deivdces, Android devices, Nokia, BlackBerry, etc.. In addition,with the help of this tool, you can easily backup the files to your computer for safety. This software comes with a friendly user-interface so as to facilitate all users to handle it. Now, download the trial version below, and follow the steps to see how.

If you are a Windows user, just download the Windows version here, and also refer the guide below to copy photos from iPad to PC for the two versions shares similar features.

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How to Copy Photos from iPad to Mac

Step 1. Connect your device to the software

Firstly, install the Mobile Transfer software to your computer, run it, select Backup Options in the home move on. Connect your iPad to your Mac via a USB cable. Soon, the software will connect your device automatically. After your device is connected, your device will be shown on the left.


Step 2. Select photos to copy

Next, you come to the backup panel, here, check the box before Photos in the list to start copy to your Mac. You can also select other files listed in the middle window to copy to your Mac.


Step 3. Start copy photos from iPad to Mac

Finally, after you select phtos to copy, click the Start Copy button at the lower right corner to copy the photos to your Mac.


More about the Mobile Transfer:

Aside from copying photos, this tool also supports to copy other files such as contacts, videos, notes, etc. from iOS device to PC for backup and other purposes. And, it can permanently delete data from your iOS device before donating or selling the device. For more inforamtion, just visit: Mobile Transfer

If you lost photos from iPad, do not worry, you can use iPhone Data Recovery, which is a comprehensive iOS data recovery tool to undelete photos on iPad with and without iTunes backup.

free download_win
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How to Copy Photos from iPad to Mac
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