Summary: Do not panic when you lost photos from your CF card, it is possible to recover deleted photos from CF card(Compact Flash card), both on Mac and Windows computers.

CF card is a common storage medium that is used on many digital cameras, smartphones and tablet pcs. It is mostly used to store photos for digital cameras. When you save photos to the CF card, you are running a risk of losing photos:

“I accidentally deleted some photos from my CF card. Can I recover them? They are about a birthday party of my son. I want to recover the precious photos about our happy moments.”

I guess many people may encounter such problem. Any mistaken operation may cause deletion of the photos. However, as long as the deleted photos are not overwritten by new files, you can recover the photos from CF card. What you need is a tool like Photo Recovery.

Photo Recovery is a tool made for recovering lost files like photos, videos, and audio files from various devices like digital cameras, smartphones, tablet pcs, SD card, CF card, XD card, and more.


1. Stop adding new files to your CF card once you realize you delete some photos by mistake. Any operation may add new data to your CF card and erase the “Already deleted files” there.

2. This CF card recover can only recover photos, videos and audio files, if you want to recover more types of files, try this Data Recovery (Mac and Windows versions are available).

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How to Restore Lost Pictures from CF Card on Mac and Windows

Since Mac and Windows Photo Recovery share similar features, you can follow the steps below to recover deleted photos from CF card on Mac as well as on Windows.

Step 1. Connect your CF card to the software

Firstly, remove your CF card out from your device and connect it to your computer via a card reader.
Next, download and install the Photo Recovery to your computer, run it. Select a recovery mode and click Start to move on.


Step 2. Scan the lost photos

Next, after the software connect your CF card and show you card as a drive letter in the window below, select your card to scan the lost photos.


You can hit “Pause” and “Stop” during the scanning;
You can save the scan result to continue scanning next time.

Step 3. Preview and recover photos from CF card

At last, you will see the scan result in the left side after the scan is completed. All recoverable photos will be listed in the photo folder, you can preview them to check the quality, tick the box before the photo you need and click Recover to restore deleted pictures from CF card.


Note: For safety’s sake, do not save the recovered photos to your CF card but find another directory to save them.

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How to Recover Deleted Photos from CF Card on Mac and Windows
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