Summary: With the help of Mobile Phone Tranfer, you are able to backup Sony Xperia Z5 /Z4/Z3/Z2 with ease, including text messages, photos, contacts, videos, and more to computer

To make the article easy to be understood, here, I will take backing up Sony Xperia Z5 as example to show you how to backup data from your Xperia phones.

To those who have saved quite a lot of precious data on the Sony Xperia Z5, it is necessary to backup the files to computer in case of losing data by accident. But is there any easy way to backup Sony Xperia Z5 to computer? Here is a good tool for you.

FileRescure Mobile Transfer is a specially made tool for mobile phone users to transfer data between phones and PC. It allows you to freely export almost all data from your Sony Xperia Z5 to the computer. In addition to One-click backup option, you can also selective backup text messages, photos, contacts, videos, etc. to computer. Below is how.

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How to Backup Sony Xperia Z5 to computer

Step 1. Connect your phone to the program

Download and install the Mobile Phone transfer to your computer first. Then, connect your phone to the computer with the USB cable. You will be asked to enable USB debugging once the program detects your phone. After enable USB debugging, the software will be able to enter the file system, and list the files you can backup to computer.

backup sony xperia

Step 2. Select the files you need to backup

Next, click the file type in the left panel to find the specific files you need, and tick the box before them.


Step 3. Backup Sony Xperia Z5 to computer

In the end, click Export on the top to transfer the selected files to computer. Before that, you need to select a path to save the files from your Sony Xperia Z5, then proceed to export files to your PC. After a while, the software will finish backup data from your phone to the computer.

free download_win$29.95

In this way, you can easily backup Sony Xperia Z5, Z4, Z3, Z2 data to computer easily.

How to Backup Sony Xperia Z5 /Z4/Z3/Z2
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